Underscore's Blog

Hello there! I hope you're doing well, and enjoying the wonderful sets of the Deviants.

It's been a while since my latest post, as life has been full of...Things, for me. Good ones, bad ones, it was intense -especially this summer - and I'm fairly exhausted, however, I visited our dear Kanani in July just after Anime Expo, and we shot new sets for CosplayDeviants!! I'm very excited to see them on the site *^-^* Did you enjoy the ones we shot together in January?! There's Jessie from Pokemon, and my trio with the lovely Foxy and Usatame ♥ I was soooo happy to finally do a trio with them! I crunched hard to make this costume on time but I'm glad I didn't give up.

I was also SOOOO PROUD of the Tokyo Tour book!!! Seeing it at Anime Expo brought me a lot of joy, because I'm not only a model but also a photographer in this one... And lately I enjoyed taking pictures as much as modeling for them. I even shot my first set as a photographer recently, how exciting is that?! I can't wait to edit it, the RAWs are already awesome, I hope the model will like them *-* I also know that the FRENCH TEAM is EXPANDING REAL FAST and that's soooo cooool!! This summer I have two new girls who told me they're interested in CD, and I saw 18Fly who may join again... That means more people to take pics of hehehe!!

Anyway haha, I'll go back to my cave to work on more pictures ♥ Don't hesitate to drop a little comment every now and then here or on social medias, I try my best to answer!