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Hi there!

I'm very happy to see my next set, Secret Illustrator, in the previous box today ♥



I really hope that you will like this set! Don't hesitate to leave me comments or PMs to tell me what you think and what you'd like to see from me in the future ^o^ An other set -my first duo ever!!- is also in editing! It's a duo with Shodan as Izetta... I was her princess Finé, from the anime "Izetta the last witch". I'm currently working on it and I'm very excited to submit it to CD! We did this photoshoot when I visited California from Anime Los Angeles, with CosplayDeviants. The convention was amazing and I had a lot of fun! I was overly happy to debut my Ryuko cosplay at this event and I already have many cool pictures *w* I'll be posting them on social medias as usual!


Other than that, I've been working a lot on personal projects lately, and I got many sets shot which is amazing and encourages me to do even more o/ Next photoshoot for CD is planned next month!

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Have a great week-end!!

Shae Underscore.