Hi everyone!

   I missed you ♥


A very exciting thing is that I'll be at Dragon Con this year with Cosplay Deviants, yay!! I have my plane tickets, and I'm ready to fly to you! /o/ I'll tell you more about all of that very soon (I will need your help to pick costumes, hehe!) and I'm very happy I'll be able, after all these years, to be on CD's booth with other models, and party with you :)


Now let me show you my 2016 cosplays so far... More are coming very soon and I'm very excited to show you! My very next photoshoot for Cosplay Deviants is Kaoruko from Wagamama High Spec! It's a nice, fun ecchi anime, the episodes are very short (few minutes each), worth watching! I bought this costume because I had no time to sew it by hand, having sooo many costumes I already work on! But I'm very happy with the result! The character draws hentai doujinshi so I'll make sure to feature my drawing skills in the set :D And if you ever see me in this costume in convention, ask for a sexy drawing and I'll draw one for you ;)



My new handmade costume is... Rowlet, from Pokemon Sun & Moon! If you know me, you already know I'm a fond of all things Pokemon, and when I fell in love with Rowlet when I saw the first Sun & Moon trailer. I really like birds since, huh, forever, especially owls, so when I saw this Pokemon, I had no doubt it would be my starter for the incoming generation! I wanted something super cute for the costume and I thing I managed to do something absolutely adorable ♥


Also, in case you missed it, I made a Cinder (RWBY) costume in March for Polymanga. I'm not very happy with it, I hadn't my usual material to craft costumes at the time, so I'll work on a new dress for her now that I have everything! Also I need to practise my "villain" faces xDD RWBY is an awesome show and I'm very excited as they released the character designs for season 4 this week. Ruby looks older now and I really think about cosplaying her ♥



I'm also working on two new costumes I should debut this week at Japan Expo Paris : Kotori ("Animal serie 1" outfit...The cute little sheep one :D) from Love Live and Linkle from Hyrule Warriors! I'll post cute selfies on my Instagram and I'll try to do a live on my Facebook page... I'll also post more photos of these costumes on social medias very soon ^-^


Love from Paris,