Underscore's Blog

Hi everyone!

I'm very happy to see that my 4th set will be available on CosplayDeviants this week-end. Sadly I won't be home when it'll go live, and apparently won't have any 3G/WiFi, but don't hesitate to leave a comment on the set's gallery, my page, or CD's page, I'll read everything when I'll have some internet again on sunday evening ♥

I really hope that everyone will like it ! I'm also very sorry for the lack of news lately. I moved from my good old appartment and I'm in a bad situation - I feel lucky my godfather allows me to stay at his place or I'd be homeless. The thing here, I'm far away from any big city now and don't have any money to move, so sadly I won't be able to produce any new costume or photoset until everything's solved. I'm currently looking for some job and hopefully everything will be better in June. I cross my fingers.

I'll still be able to spend a week in Paris later this month for a photoshoot (2016's calendar for this lovely website with 18Fly! Yeah!)

Hugs to you all, I wish you a nice day!