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Moving ♥

Just a little blog entry to tell you that I'll be moving next week (04/12) ! 

I'm not sure when I'll have the internet in my new room but I'll try my best at answering message at least twice a week! So don't hesitate to send me comments and messages, but please understand that I may not be able to answer you as soon and often as I'd like to ♥

As for my projects: I'll focus on finding a job for May and June, take some time for me because last weeks were stressful, and start working on new costumes for this summer. I want to have awesome cosplays for Dragon*Con, haha! (But well, I won't be able to bring too heavy/huge costumes. Sad sad. Heh.) 

I'll tell you more about that later this spring!

As for CosplayDeviants projects, I'm still waiting for an answer for my Asami set. As soon as I know if it's accepted or not, I'll start working on a new one! I don't know what it'll be...I've few ideas but I'm not sure yet! ^-^