Hey hey everyone!!

I just wanted to wish you all a happy new year! I hope it'll be even better than 2014, with tons of amazing sets and costumes ;) 

As for me...I've a lot of cool projects and plan to be more active on CosplayDeviants this year! More sets, more costumes, I can't wait to work on everything! I wanted to make more stuff last year but it's been a very strange year, in fact. Well...Not strange, but...I had a lot of things to deal with, and not a lot of time for cosplay. I did more modeling than last year though, and met new people, but I'm a bit sad I hadn't more time for cosplay and it's my resolution for 2015: More. Costumes.

But hey, words are a nice thing, huh?! Here's something more concrete to begin this new year...Set preview! Woohooo!! I received it this morning, thanks to super awesome photographer who works even on January the 1st to bring you pretty pictures haha! We shot this last month...First we wanted to shoot a Horo set but the weather wasn't nice with us...A day before leaving for my 1-month-trip, I decided to make very quickly a cosplay of Yang from RWBY in her pajamas outfit, just for fun. We took a bunch of pictures, then as we were pretty sad that we had to cancel the Horo shoot, we decided to make a Yang set x)

It's still in editing process, but as soon as I receive the final pics, I send it to CD and cross my finger that it'll be accepted ♥