Hey everyone! I hope you're doing well, despite this year being very heavy on us all.

Have you been taking some time for yourself recently? Just breathing calmly for five minutes, having a fresh glass of water, sending a nice message to a friend or creator you like... These are simple things that make me feel a little bit better lately.

Earlier today I was hunting for conventions videos on my computer, to share on social medias, and got a bit nostalgic of all the sweet travels and events with everyone. I don't usually go out a lot, and conventions are very important to me - both personally and professionally - so I miss them dearly. Everything feels so distant now, and I hope we will see each others soon!

I wish you a great week and hope things will be OK for everyone! Be safe, take care and see you soon ♥

PS : Here are some cute things I found in my computer... Do you remember some of these costumes or events?...

Hello there!! ♥

I'm glad to announce that I'll spend some time in the US this winter, to spend time enjoying the warmth, my dear friends, and have fun at conventions!! Oh and of course, I will enjoy this opportunity to do more photoshoots ^-^


I'll do my first convention in the East Coast for a long time now! Come join us and celebrate the holidays with us! I will be at the booth half of the time during the day, at the 18+ cosplay contest, and at the Cosplay Deviants afterparty as always! See you in Florida!!


I will attend Anime Los Angeles aswell! I won't be at Anime Expo next summer since I'll be busy with Japan Expo in Paris, so if you want to meet me in California don't miss your chance! I'll spend a lot of time at the booth, at the party, and will happily tell you about my latest sets ^-^



Hello there! I hope you're doing well, and enjoying the wonderful sets of the Deviants.

It's been a while since my latest post, as life has been full of...Things, for me. Good ones, bad ones, it was intense -especially this summer - and I'm fairly exhausted, however, I visited our dear Kanani in July just after Anime Expo, and we shot new sets for CosplayDeviants!! I'm very excited to see them on the site *^-^* Did you enjoy the ones we shot together in January?! There's Jessie from Pokemon, and my trio with the lovely Foxy and Usatame ♥ I was soooo happy to finally do a trio with them! I crunched hard to make this costume on time but I'm glad I didn't give up.

I was also SOOOO PROUD of the Tokyo Tour book!!! Seeing it at Anime Expo brought me a lot of joy, because I'm not only a model but also a photographer in this one... And lately I enjoyed taking pictures as much as modeling for them. I even shot my first set as a photo...

Hello there!

I know it's been quite some time, but I'll gladly meet you at Anime Los Angeles on Cosplay Deviants' booth next week!

As always we'll have prints, books and calendars on the booth, and I'll gladly sign previous books and calendars aswell if you want to bring them ^-^

I will post my cosplay line-up for this event in the very next days on social medias, but I can already tell you that I've a lot of Final Fantasy planned, some Pokemon including a brand new cosplay, and some other surprises, all from animes I really enjoyed! I can't wait to see everyone, party, and enjoy all the beautiful costumes at the convention!

Anyway, I wish you a lovely weekend and hope you're all doing well ♥

Shae Underscore


Hello everyone, I hope you're doing well! ♥

I am very happy to say that my lovely Izetta x Finé duo with the super cute Shodan has been submitted to CosplayDeviants!

Keep an eye on the front page in the next weeks! :D


I'm also working on two sets and I will submit them soon... We'll see what happen!

The first one is a Misty in waterfalls set, and the second one a cute schoolgirl Kotori one!  


Next photoshoots for CD are planned in September ^-^

Last month there was the biggest anime convention in Paris, Japan Expo! I went the 4 days... (I've to admit... It wasn't as fun as the US convention I went to and I missed my devious friends...)

The few days before the convention were...

Hi there!

I'm very happy to see my next set, Secret Illustrator, in the previous box today ♥



I really hope that you will like this set! Don't hesitate to leave me comments or PMs to tell me what you think and what you'd like to see from me in the future ^o^ An other set -my first duo ever!!- is also in editing! It's a duo with Shodan as Izetta... I was her princess Finé, from the anime "Izetta the last witch". I'm currently working on it and I'm very excited to submit it to CD! We did this photoshoot when I visited California from Anime Los Angeles, with CosplayDeviants. The convention was amazing and I had a lot of fun! I was overly happy to debut my Ryuko cosplay at this event and I already have many cool pictures *w* I'll be posting them on social medias as usual!




Dear everyone,

I hope you're having a nice December so far! Mine was full of work but in a good way... A lot of great, exciting news and I'm sure 2017 will be a nice year, full of new sets and projects, and maybe more travels? Who knows!

It's been such a long time since my last Cosplay Deviants set, it almost makes me sad! But worry not! I'm working on many new ones!

-> My next set should be a cute little owl you probably heard of lately~

-> I also shot a Kaoruko set earlier this week! It's currently being edited but we should be able to submit it to the website for review before the end of the year! ♥

Here are two previews for said sets :) How exciting!

I'll soon post my travel expectations, cosplay plans and more on my social medias pages!

I wish you lovely holidays ♥ Hugs from Paris!!



Hi everyone!

I hope you're doing well, I just wanted to say that my trip for DragonCon was amazing, it was such a pleasure to meet people at the convention! It was a month ago and I had many things happending to me this month but just as planned, I'll make a video about my trip, the convention, my costumes, CD and everything. It'll probably be quite a long video but I'll work on it as soon as I can.

For the convention itself, I had a wonderful time. People were very kind and welcoming, I was amazingly surprised by that. There were many costumes, from the crazy armors lighting up to the cute character inspired outfit, everyone seemed to enjoy their days and just share some good fun together.

As much as the costumes and discovering the USA were great parts of this trip, the social part was the best... Meeting the wonderful people who work so hard on this website was a great honor, being a model on CosplayDeviants for almost 6 years now I s...


     Hi everyone!

   I missed you ♥


A very exciting thing is that I'll be at Dragon Con this year with Cosplay Deviants, yay!! I have my plane tickets, and I'm ready to fly to you! /o/ I'll tell you more about all of that very soon (I will need your help to pick costumes, hehe!) and I'm very happy I'll be able, after all these years, to be on CD's booth with other models, and party with you :)


Now let me show you my 2016 cosplays so far... More are coming very soon and I'm very excited to show you! My very next photoshoot for Cosplay Deviants is Kaoruko from Wagamama High Spec! It's a nice, fun ecchi anime, the episodes are very short (few minutes each), worth watching! I bought this costume because I had no time to sew it by hand, having sooo many costumes I alread...

Hi everyone!

I'm very happy to see that my 4th set will be available on CosplayDeviants this week-end. Sadly I won't be home when it'll go live, and apparently won't have any 3G/WiFi, but don't hesitate to leave a comment on the set's gallery, my page, or CD's page, I'll read everything when I'll have some internet again on sunday evening ♥

I really hope that everyone will like it ! I'm also very sorry for the lack of news lately. I moved from my good old appartment and I'm in a bad situation - I feel lucky my godfather allows me to stay at his place or I'd be homeless. The thing here, I'm far away from any big city now and don't have any money to move, so sadly I won't be able to produce any new costume or photoset until everything's solved. I'm currently looking for some job and hopefully everything will be better in June. I cross my fingers.

I'll still be able to spend a week in Paris later this month for a photoshoot (2016's calendar for this love...