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Hey Guys!

I hope everyone's health, both physical and mental, is fairing well! I gained a little weight from quarantine and am working on dropping it. I really need to start jogging or exercising or something, but I don't have the motivation at the moment. My mental health has been wavering a bit. I've had a really rough 2k20 so far. My spring term was basically just one giant train wreck after another. My step dad was in the hospital with pneumonia, and then my brother. At the beginning of the term, my aunt passed away. My cat had an emergency vet visit, which super sucked because I was technically unemployed at the time. My sister ended up in a horrible car accident here a couple weeks ago and it made it so difficult to take the calculus final exam. Which is what I'm studying for now, because my professor is having me retake the exam and putting me through the stress all over again, instead of, you know, working with me on a decent compromi...


Hi Everyone!

First and foremost, thank you all so very much for your continued support, patience, and kindness. You have all been so wonderful and kind. I wanted to let you all know that it means the world to me to read your messages and comments on the site. Getting little hearts on my sets and on my instagram always brightens my life. I really do read them and they make me smile and make my heart sing. I'm very sorry that I haven't been able to give you all the time that you deserve. These last few months have had me spread so thin, I've been completely exhausted. I am presently working on all of the replies I owe you and I can't emphasize how sorry I am that I haven't been able to give you the attention you deserve. You guys are the ones that make all of this possible and so I feel like I've mistreated my fans by neglecting you. I am so very, very, very sorry.

My life has been incredibly crazy. I started University again back ...

Hey Everyone!

It's definitely been a while. I've had some major life stuff happen the last couple of months---it's been one thing after another. I am hoping to be coming off of my brief hiatus soon. I picked up all of the materials for Sophitia (Soul Calibur IV design). I started shaping the metal pieces I need on the neckline--and then I realized that the final season of Star vs the Forces of Evil is coming out on the 10th of March (tomorrow) and I NEEDED to make Star Butterfly's octopus dress before I did anything else. So that's laying in pieces all over my kitchen table. I probably won't be done with it 100% before tomorrow---but it'd be nice if I were!

I digress---I was wondering if anyone would be interested in joining me in the chatroom for a live stream of my crafting? If yes, please comment! I am trying to gauge interest. I feel like if I have an audience, perhaps I would be more motivated to work! I would also use t...

Hi Everyone!

I've never written a blog for this website before! If the formatting is wonky, it's because I'm on my phone. Please let me know so I can fix it on my computer in the morning. Anyway, I just realized I haven't formally introduced myself and my first set was up quite some time ago! First off, my name is Sybil. I love to do competitive cosplay and have one event I attend every year. This year, I plan on adding a second event, but it depends on if I have time to do two major cosplays on top of all the fun old-school stuff I have planned for you for this year!

I have an avid love for animes and video games from my childhood. If I have time, I will be competing as Meru from Legend of Dragoon at a con at the end of summer. Her dragoon armor is something I've wanted to own since that game came out. My skills are finally at a point that I might consider making her! Halloween Town Sora from Kingdom Hearts/Kingdom Hearts II is another d...