Ok guys, I am feeling the con crunch hard! MegaCon is in two weeks, and I have 3 full costumes to finish and 3 other costumes to work on pieces for. It’s my own damn fault for getting my friends together for a group cosplay. My friends are nerds but they’re not really cosplayers, so I’m basically making all or parts of their costumes for them. Freaking out. Basically all my free time goes to these costumes so that I can’t wait til MegaCon is here because that means the work is over and I can get a full nights sleep w no cosplay anxiety. Anyone else feeling the con crunch anxiety?


Good news is, after MegaCon I will have my Thranduil costume finished and ready to shoot for Cosplay Deviants! And after that, I will have time to work on other cosplays I’ve been meaning to shoot! Just gotta get through the next couple weeks....