Just submitted my Aquaman set! Cross your fingers it gets accepted! I'm super proud of it, this was my first time using both foam and worbla for armor, I learned a lot! Also first time I've curled a wig, it was challenge and resulted in a few slightly burned fingertips. Haha Also the first time I've assembled, sanded, painted a 3D printed prop /weapon. Anyone who says 3D printing is cheating is crazy! It was still quite a bit of work! I trimmed my eyebrow for Aquaman, now I look a bit funny in regular life, but all for the cosplay! I did purchase some things, (trident kit w buckle, temp tattoos) as I have a full time job and lots of responsibilities that don't allow me to work on every facet of cosplay. I used to be against buying anything premade for Cosplay, but as I prioritize my free time, I realize that the dressing up and the joy of the Cosplay is not lessened, if anything it's heightened, because I still had time to sleep! It's all about priorities I guess.

Anyway, I had so much fun making the Aquaman cosplay, and I hope it gets accepted so you all can enjoy it too!