I have been pretty inactive in the cosplay world lately, as I have been focusing on my career. I just realized its been almost a whole year since my last blog, and even longer since my last set! I am going to be pretty transparent right now though. I have shot a Xena set, and an Ash/Evil Dead set. The Xena set was not accepted, and I am terrible at post. I cant figure out how to make the lighting consistent, or even which ones need to be adjusted. So, I haven't resubmitted it. I havent really tried to re-edit it. I never even edited the Ash shoot, so it is sitting on my computer in some wierd RAW purgatory.

But I do love cosplay, and I do love Cosplay Deviants and want to be an active model again! I wish there were more hours in the day, and time flies by so fast.

I want to promise those 2 sets soon, but realistically, I probably wont work on them for another month. Anyone know any good tutorials on Photoshop lighting fixes?