Ok, so I have been missing from the CosDev site for way too long. I have spent the last year going through (still going through) a tattoo apprenticeship and planning/having my wedding. But now that I have more free time after my 50hr workweek, I have many projects lined up! Hooray!

First, my Xena set that was shot last year will finally be finished and submitted! By the Gods, I'm excited, I hope it gets accepted and everyone loves it! Next, I want to shoot two rule63 sets that have been done, just waiting to shoot! Both are indoor/set shoots, which is always fun because I LOVE the set design part of cosplay shoots!

Or course, the rest of the year I will be working on/shooting 4 different cosplays! It seems like a lot to take on, but I have been so out of the cosplay loop that I feel like i have lost time to make up for. I really miss making things with my hands and creating stuff for my own enjoyment (rather than apprentice assignments).  So, LETS DO THIS! Woo!