Ok guys, I am feeling the con crunch hard! MegaCon is in two weeks, and I have 3 full costumes to finish and 3 other costumes to work on pieces for. It’s my own damn fault for getting my friends together for a group cosplay. My friends are nerds but they’re not really cosplayers, so I’m basically making all or parts of their costumes for them. Freaking out. Basically all my free time goes to these costumes so that I can’t wait til MegaCon is here because that means the work is over and I can get a full nights sleep w no cosplay anxiety. Anyone else feeling the con crunch anxiety?


Good news is, after MegaCon I will have my Thranduil costume finished and ready to shoot for Cosplay Deviants! And after that, I will have time to work on other cosplays I’ve been meaning to shoot! Just gotta get through the next couple weeks....

Just submitted my Aquaman set! Cross your fingers it gets accepted! I'm super proud of it, this was my first time using both foam and worbla for armor, I learned a lot! Also first time I've curled a wig, it was challenge and resulted in a few slightly burned fingertips. Haha Also the first time I've assembled, sanded, painted a 3D printed prop /weapon. Anyone who says 3D printing is cheating is crazy! It was still quite a bit of work! I trimmed my eyebrow for Aquaman, now I look a bit funny in regular life, but all for the cosplay! I did purchase some things, (trident kit w buckle, temp tattoos) as I have a full time job and lots of responsibilities that don't allow me to work on every facet of cosplay. I used to be against buying anything premade for Cosplay, but as I prioritize my free time, I realize that the dressing up and the joy of the Cosplay is not lessened, if anything it's heightened, because I still had time to sleep! It's all about priorities I g...

I have been pretty inactive in the cosplay world lately, as I have been focusing on my career. I just realized its been almost a whole year since my last blog, and even longer since my last set! I am going to be pretty transparent right now though. I have shot a Xena set, and an Ash/Evil Dead set. The Xena set was not accepted, and I am terrible at post. I cant figure out how to make the lighting consistent, or even which ones need to be adjusted. So, I haven't resubmitted it. I havent really tried to re-edit it. I never even edited the Ash shoot, so it is sitting on my computer in some wierd RAW purgatory.

But I do love cosplay, and I do love Cosplay Deviants and want to be an active model again! I wish there were more hours in the day, and time flies by so fast.

I want to promise those 2 sets soon, but realistically, I probably wont work on them for another month. Anyone know any good tutorials on Photoshop lighting fixes?

Ok all, here's the deal, my sewing area has been stuffed w post-wedding shit and my cosplays have been suffering because of it. But soon, that will be cleared out and I can begin the epic projects I have planned!

I just bought way more elf ears than any one person should own and almost as many contact lenses. Quite possibly my favorite part of cosplaying is the beginning stage where you're pumped and planning and sourcing (ie shopping haha)

Also, it's been a while since I've been in the calendar, so this year I hope to change that! I will hopefully be shooting for the 2018 calendar this monday! If I do, I hope to post a couple bts pics on my instagram. Stay tuned! 

Ok, so I have been missing from the CosDev site for way too long. I have spent the last year going through (still going through) a tattoo apprenticeship and planning/having my wedding. But now that I have more free time after my 50hr workweek, I have many projects lined up! Hooray!

First, my Xena set that was shot last year will finally be finished and submitted! By the Gods, I'm excited, I hope it gets accepted and everyone loves it! Next, I want to shoot two rule63 sets that have been done, just waiting to shoot! Both are indoor/set shoots, which is always fun because I LOVE the set design part of cosplay shoots!

Or course, the rest of the year I will be working on/shooting 4 different cosplays! It seems like a lot to take on, but I have been so out of the cosplay loop that I feel like i have lost time to make up for. I really miss making things with my hands and creating stuff for my own enjoyment (rather than apprentice assignments).  So, LETS DO THI...

im up!

Hey, its good to see my face in the live set lineup again! lol The Aph IX set was a blast to shoot! Ive taken off shooting sets for a while, but I am back in the saddle again, and working on several new sets, editing one as we speak! Really excited to get back in to making the costumes and exploring new skills like propmaking with different materials, and making armor. Damn i love cosplay.

After quite a while of no shoots, I've just shot my Aphrodite IX set, just have to go through the photos and submit! I did have a behind the scenes photo, but am having issues uploading to my blog. You can go find it on the cosplay deviants VIP board. It was lots of fun, and my first bathroom set! I'm also shooting a mini set tomorrow for the Deviance magazine, hope it gets accepted! Must share my love for pointy ears ;) As if that wasn't enough,  I will have two more sets submitted before the end of May! And one more shoot for next year's calendar which is possibly my favorite character of all time. So excited!

Ok, so I finally, after over 16 years wanting one, got my very own Xena chakram! I cannot wait until this cosplay is done, and I can channel my inner warrior princess for you guys! Battle On! Woo!

Im so excited to have a shoot coming up this weekend! Its been so long since I have shot anything. My drawing and other personal shit has been getting all the attention, but I am all ready and willing to do more cosplay! Since this con season is pretty much a bust for me, I will be doing my cosplay on my own time and turf. I should be shooting a new CD photoset by early next month!

Wow, this new site layout is so exciting! Exploring it makes me want to make more cosplays and ooh, look I can upload videos on my blog! ;)