Hey y'all! You may have noticed that I haven't been as active around here lately - or maybe you didn't, I dunno, I don't know your life. :p I am taking a bit of a hiatus from CosDev while I get through the sets I have backed up in the acceptance queue. Don't worry, still plenty of content on its way, and I'm still making tons of new costumes! I miss talking to everyone here and I hope you'll follow me on social media if you haven't already. ;w; <3 

Happy holidays to all! Until next time.... 

Friends! Who are at GenCon! I want to see you! I am there VERY BRIEFLY this year, so here are your chances to see me:

on Friday night I'll be at Dub That Hentai with Squeaks & Mew classin' it up at the VIP tables, maybe not the best time to run up and carry on a conversation but of course say hi! :P

SATURDAY I will be wandering the con for a few hours in my brand new (LATEX) cosplay and I have a GUEST SIGNING at the Cosplay Deviants booth from 3-4PM, that is the OPTIMAL time to come meet me and get signatures and such. :D

Saturday night I'll be attending the VIP party at BluIndy, I'm not sure if I want to dress up or not o_o what do you think? 

I have no idea what I'm doing Sunday other than shooting a set in the morning, if anyone has any ideas I'm all ears. :p 

I can't wait to see everyone!!!! 


yeah ok I'm going to GenCon! Wooooooo! Granted, I was only able to get a Saturday badge, but still. I'm coming!!!! I arrive Friday afternoon and leave Monday morning, so I'll be at the game show & the party and otherwise will be kickin' around with Squeaks & Mew :3 I'm very very excited to see everyone!!! 

....as of yet I don't have any new projects I'm cramming to try to finish in time for the con, which is a REALLY WEIRD FEELING. I keep feeling like I should be panicking about something? Does anyone else get this? XDD 


Just booked my flights yesterday, got my room all lined up, gonna be.... mostly in shoots the entire weekend... but hey! I'll be there! XD Honestly not sure how much time I'll be spending on the con floor, but I will *at the very least* be doing a guest signing at the CD booth on Monday at 1PM! If you have ANY of the Cosplay Deviants books, calendars, or card games, bring 'em by and I'll sign them for you because I will never get over the novelty of doing that. XD

I *think* I'll be wearing my brand new Daenerys Targaryen costume that day which is very exciting for multiple reasons but especially because I'm going to be so, so comfy in that light fabric, ahhhhh... 

I will also of course be attending the party Sunday night! Radical Edward & Kanani and I have some special costume plans that should make for an amusing night... hueheuheuheuhhhh.


Is anyone going?? I'll be there just on Saturday but I'll have secret goodies for anyone who can find me :p I love meeting people in real life even though I'm hella socially awkward so don't feel afraid to approach, I promise you I'm just as weird as you are o_o 


The Link/Dark Link duo I did with Leon, shot by dear Michelle, all the way back in 2015! Oh gods, it seems like so long ago now.

SO, the reason it took so long to edit this is because of the bodypaint on Leon. We didn't do any. So we had to do it in Photoshop. x_x This is the....third? such set I have done - my Marceline, the Marcy/Bubs duo with Bear, and now this one. And let me tell you, I NEVER WANT TO DO IT AGAIN OH JESUS SAVE ME. 

However, I think the set is going to be well worth it - when was the last time we had a boy/girl set here?! - and I hope you will all enjoy seeing me kick Leon's cute booty. Kapow! 

Though it will be funny to see this and my new Link shoot come out in the same year - I just shot my solo Link and the costume has changed a bit since then, plus, two years! Well, almost. 

Either way! I am excited and I hope you are exc...

Hay! So I'm curious and I wanted to ask - I know that Twitch now allows "creative" streams and some cosplayers stream their sewing/crafting sessions - would that be something you all would be interested in? I've got a fair bit of free time now and I do spend quite a bit of it on cosplay. Also, since Twitch wouldn't allow nudity, would it be worth it for me to do it on a cam site in order to make cosplay while topless or nude? Pennies for your thoughts! If I were to do this I'd make it a lot more interactive than my time spent crafting in chat, which I do quite often but usually just looks like me sitting at my desk ignoring the cam & running around and you can't really see what I'm doing. 

Soooo those of you who have been around for a while may have noticed a few new things around here - I mean, look at this gorgeous new site! In addition to that, my name is different! 

If you've followed me anywhere outside of here or Facebook you'll know that I've actually been going by Shodan basically everywhere for a few years now, starting with Zivity when I was doing that pretty heavily in 2013. 

It's actually quite common for models to have mixed feelings about their names - just about none of us give them much thought when we start out and don't think about how stuck we're going to be to those names for years and years - I certainly had no idea! At the time I chose the name SallySparrow (in 2011, oh jesus) I was REALLY INTO Doctor Who and I had been using "Sally" as a fake name for a long time (my real name is kinda unique and it was always really annoying to give my name for a drink at Starbucks and stuff so I j...

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so I just got back from a week in Florida, and more specifically, MegaCon, my first con with Cosplay Deviants for the season

and I. feel. AMAZING.

It is truly a wonder what being hired to fly out to a different city to basically be a professional hot nerd will for your self-esteem. Like. Damn. I really wish I could have cons like every 2-3 months year-round instead of all during the summer so I could just keep a steady high on all the confidence I gain while I’m on the event team. 

I wasn’t in the greatest place before I left. I had just had my “junior review” at school, where I put up six of my best pieces from my school career so far to be critiqued by the top illustration faculty, and…. it did not go so well. I wasn’t surprised by anything they said but I was still quite disappointed. In addition to that, I had been having boy troubles, as the man I’d been seeing (super casual...


I guess I should maybe start writing in this thing, eh?

I miss you, CD. I've been so busy since school started back up and I've had to put everything else on hold - I shot a two-girl set with my BFF Denali Winter just before school started back up but I haven't had a chance to finish editing it yet ;-; I've done a bit of fiddling with my Acid Burn (Hackers) and Pris (Blade Runner) cosplays but other than that...haven't been able to work on much.

But hey, I leave for Megacon on a red-eye flight next Wednesday! Woo woo. I'll be bringing Marceline (first time wearing it at a con!), Captain Mal, and either Pris or Triana, depending on if I have time to get/style a new wig for Pris before then. @_@ I have some plans in the works with Leon for my first girl-guy set, hopefully we get a chance to actually do it, and I'm looking forward to meeting so many new deviants and potentials! Should be good times.

I think once the semester is over I'm going to have a ...