I've been sooo insanely busy lately and haven't cosplayed in months!! Missing it a lot..

Hoping to be able to shoot my Revy from black lagoon next weekend if the weather and location will allow, and then hopefully get a head start on a few new cosplays!!

I've been doing a lot more photography than modeling lately, not sure if its because its been too cold to take off my clothes or not hahaha!

Hope you're all well! :) :3 

I'm currently trying to organize a rory mercury set! This cosplay was suuper fun to make, the axe took some time but I'm super happy with how it turned out.

Hoping to shoot soon so you can see what it looks like, both on and off haha :D

I've been thinking of cosplaying motoko, but I can't decide which outfit to do!! There are so many good ones, which one would you want to see?

I quickly threw together a little self portrait/edit of my Clare cosplay as I don't think it's going to fit in the trailer when we move :( :,( 

This cosplay was my first ever attempt at armour and Clare was a character that really resonated with me. 

I never got to do a shoot in this cosplay and have only ever worn it to one con where barely anyone recognized it(is claymore like, an old anime? shit.)

Good bye clare :( you were very uncomfortable and too large to store properly.

Hello all!

Just wanting to wish everyone a happy holidays! It's boiling hot over here in oz land, it's currently 38'c :0

I've just been relaxing and playing a bunch of games as I got a PSN gift card for christmas, hoping to get some new trophies during the holidays.

Have a lovely holiday break and see you in the new year :)

Heres a picture of some shoes.

I've been wanting to cosplay chi for sooo longgg!!

I did a test shot and wasn't happy with how it looked, I think my tattoos are too much for chi. I'm thinking of maybe getting a makeup artist to cover some or all of them, what do you think?

I really want to do it and so far that's the only thing I can think of that would make me feel comfortable doing it. hmmm.


It's finally happening!!

I've booked my shoot for maya, i'm so excited! but not as excited as I am for borderlands 3 ;)

Also, go check out my lilith set, I plan on shooting a BL2 lilith too, as she's just too fun to shoot!

Koneko neko!

I did it, maybe almost!

Here's a little sneak peek from the koneko(Highschool dxd) shot I set, I'm really falling in love with it the more I look at it :D

The character suits me so perfectly and I LOVE wearing cat ears.

Love from Shark xo

I've begun a Koneko cosplay and I'm really excited!!

She's so much like me and she's even little with grey hair! I've been wanting to try doing a cute character but always feel like it wont suit me.

I'll try post some pics once its all done and you can let me know what you think!

Oh and also, I started a twitch channel to practice/test for the cd twitch. You can find me at www.twitch.tv/shark_sqod

Police girl is kinda on her way! Super proud of how this one turned out and hopefully you guys will be seeing it soon :D

Also have Maya(borderlands) and Clare(claymore) on way - excite.