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Get on chat! Sewing some cosplay and getting ready for con next month!

Live on FB

Catch me live today, working on leather armor pieces for my Iron Bull cosplay debuting in April at SakuraCon. 


Picked back up where I left off on Iron Bull's armor today. As the sun falls, its getting too cold for me to work out in the garage. I moved inside to drink some tea and warm up but also get started on pattern revising for King. If I started going Live on my Facebook page would anyone be interested in seeing that? 

I'll receive Nishinoya next week and get a makeup test done as soon as I can. 

All progress pictures will be on my facebook.com/ryokoyuuki

Ive been absent because I broke my social lifelife. I got a new LG Stylo 2 and absolutely love it! Im taking a much needed me-time break this weekend to work on my apartment and get some cosplays done and admittedly gaming and reading my life away. Im super excited for Andromeda and FFXV! I just received one of my wigs in the mail and it was kinda the ass-kick needed to start styling and sewing. After the holidays I'll have at least 2 costumes ready to be shot and then submitted. I look forward to providing new content. :3 

Really excited that my Rogue set will be debuting this weekend! If there's anything I can improve on please let me know? I am really trying to open up and be less shy and try different expressions and poses for each new set.

Leone from Akame ga Kill was submitted. Issiki Satoshi will be resubmitted soon. Working on getting another set shot in a couple of weeks too. Look on my IG and FB for updates on that. 

I was so busy worrying over cosplay for SakuraCon I completely spaced SacAnime. Will anyone be attending? I'll be there Friday evening and all weekend. Not sure what days I'm wearing what but I'll be debuting King from Seven Deadly Sins and Nishinoya from Haikyu!! 

:D If you see me come say hi! 


Con Blues

SakuraCon is still like.... 6 months away... 

Anyone else going?