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Hey guys it's almost been a week since YaoiCon and I met so many wonderful people and had such a great trash-filled weekend with my friends and new friends that I had made. I was super excited to get pics of my Kurapika (HunterxHunter) cosplay but it didn't happen because I ended up over-heated and I only wore it for an hour or two. However, I am planning on doing a set for him so I hope that I can share it with you all.

YaoiCon was my last con for the year but I am planning on attending SacAnime and ALA in January. Hope to see some of you there!

I have a couple of sets in queue - don't worry I haven't completely fallen off the radar. I also am going to start working on Hanzo from Overwatch! Come check me out on FB live or IG for more frequent updates :) 


Hey guys, I'll be at SacAnime for most of the day if you see me (I'll be Nishinoya Yu from Haikyuu) make sure to come say hello. If you're not able to make it check out my Facebook today as I'll be going live an annoying amount! I'll be sharing getting ready process/ makeup, at con shenanigansm, and late night drunk times with friends/ my cosplay pals. Be there or be square ❤


Next weekend I'm scheduled to do a few shoots with Scarecrobot as well as Potential DethrauxItsudatsu and meet Potential DrClosetCosplay! I'm planning to shoot Sangwoo x Yoonbum duo, Vampire Princess Miyu, Isshiki Satoshi, and Mamori Tokonome. Not sure if we'll be able to accomplish all of these but we're going to try and I hope that we will be able to share the results with everyone here :) 

In preparation for YaoiCon my cosplay list has extended; Hanzo from Overwatch (maybe), Sangwoo from Killing Stalking, Kurapika from HunterxHunter, Kuroo from Haikyuu, and an original trashy version of Otabek Atlin from Yuri on Ice. 

Post Con

Day after a long and very fun con. I got to talk to a lot of great people (new, old, and a fellow Deviant). I got to wear some very relaxed cosplay. Got to play photographer with my phone and get some really cute pics of my friends as Kageyama and Hinata. Probably one of the most fun times I've had at FanimeCon.

My next con isnt until October but I still have plenty to do. At the end of June I have shoots scheduled with Kanani Designs Radical Edward Cosplayer and Natalie Chen for Cosplay Deviants. We'll be shooting a lot of content over a course of a weekend. I have tons of stuff to do to prepare for it too. 

My prepartions include prop building, wig styling, and unpacking boxes in search of other props needed, and  reorganizing my crafts room. I'll be trying to do more live video content on FB and my Instagram @ryokoyuuki. 

Once I have everything packed and prepped for the shoot in June I also have a few more projects to work...


If you see me this weekend, please stop me and say hello! Plans are Friday night rule 63: Isshiki Satoshi, Saturday chainmail slave Leia, Sunday Nishinoya Yu. I'll be posting updates on my IG and FB page!  :D See you this weekend. ❤

If you see me this weekend, please stop me and say hello! Plans are Friday night rule 63: Isshiki Satoshi, Saturday chainmail slave Leia, Sunday Nishinoya Yu. I'll be posting updates on my IG and FB page!  :D See you this weekend. ❤

If you want to watch my broadcasts check out beam.pro/RyokoYuuki

Fanime is next weekend. Is anyone going? Make sure if you see me stop me and say hello. ❤ 

I'll be there Friday night through part of the day on Sunday. I'm bringing a chainmail version of Slave Leia Organa [Star Wars], Nishinoya Yu [Haikyuu], King Harlequin [Seven Deadly Sins], and Rule 63: Satoshi Isshiki [Shokugeki no Soma: Food Wars]. Check my IG for more frequent updates and what costumes Im wearing that day. 

I am super stoked that my King Harlquin set got approved so please look forward to that! I will also be shooting with Kanani Designs again in June and I am so excited to hang out with her again and finally get to meet Radical Edward and do a couple of sets with her and with Potential Natalie Chen! 

Big update and lots of EXCITE. 


Heya guys! Since Fanime is this month, will anyone be attending? It was kinda a last minute decision for me to go but I'll be there all weekend and partially on Friday evening. Not entirely sure in which order my cosplays will be but I'll be wearing slave Leia (chainmail version), Issihiki Satoshi, and King Harlequinn on Saturday with some friends from our Seven Deadly Sins group! If you see me say hi and check my FB or IG for more updates and which cosplays I'll be wearing! 

SakuraCon is this weekend. I'll be wearing King Harlequin on Friday and Iron Bull on Saturday and at some point I'll change into sports boyfriend Kuroo Tetsurou and chainmail version of slave Leia. ❤ If you happen to see me come say hi! I am so stoked but totally slacking on packing. ;) 

I have a shoot set up with the amazing Kanani Designs as well as in the works of setting up shoots with LeMew. I also, got see a set from Valkyrie Drive Mermaid we'll be submitting soon and Im so so so proud of it. I hope that it gets accepted so that I can share it with you all. ❤😘

Hey guys, hoping you all are having a fantastic Holiday season! I've been super busy catching up with friends and family and making costumes. Getting ready for SacAnime winter, if you're going and happen to see me please stop me and say hi. I'll be cosplaying as Nishinoya Yuu (Haikyuu) on Saturday and King Harlequin (Seven Deadly Sins) on Sunday. I'll be shooting at least two more sets in January for CosplayDeviants and I am going to try to do a Valentine's set. Try is the key word lol. Hope everyone has a safe but fun New Years! 

Debating setting up Twitch and doing more live streaming when working on cosplay, would anyone be interested in seeing that?