Pleased to report that HentaiCon2018 was a great con for its first year and I cannot wait to go back again next year. The con took feedback so well and it sounds like they're going to try to make some positive changes. I ended up getting some good shots of my cosplays during the con, I cosplayed with Stagger on Friday we did Mercy and Moira and Saturday I did Miyata Sayaka from Keijo and late night I did Connor from Detroit Become Human. 

I didnt go to the after party because it was offsite (something Im hoping that they will fix next year) but they had some pretty good tunes going on in the Demo Room and there was an open bar/ you were allowed to carry drinks with you on the con floor. 

The dealers hall was pretty great, I think they should have more of a selection next year but I think the highlight of dealers hall was the dildos being sold by "The Crafty Hedonist" (she can be found on Etsy & Tumblr) 

The other highlight from the con was playing "Are You a Tentacle Monster?" it was like Werewolf or Mafia (both of which I havent played) but none the less a fun game! 

Silence of Cthulu (Are you a Tentacle Monster?)Overall I had a great time and cant wait for next year! I hope more people will get to experience this con next year.