Prepare for a long update: 

Hey all, I'm back from AX and I'm still exhausted. I took a small break from social media but I'm coming back full force. I'm pretty swamped through October between shoots and cons. Some things could change or be updated, I'll do my best to keep you all informed. 

My opinion on AX, should not influence or effect your opinions of the Con. I always try things once and decided that that con wasn't the best for me due to heat and the crowds. Otherwise AX has a lot to offer and has things you wouldn't normally (or in my experience) see or be able to participate in. I did 3 potential sets for Cosplay Deviants; a duo as Hisako Arato with Deviant Mira Shiver as Erina Nakiri, a solo as Midari Ikishina from Kakegurui, and a Kakegurui trio with Amy Fantasy as the President (Kirari Momobami) and Mira as Ririka Momobami. The shoots were definitely a learning experience since both Amy and Mira have a ton more experience than me but I'm so grateful for the opportunity to work with them. They're both so talented! 

I also got a few photos snapped of Hanzo and Iron Bull from my friend Naru Mellz. Due to being too warm during the con I ended up ditching Hanzo's boots and pants and then on Saturday I only wore Bull for a couple of hours. Which funny story, I actually got way more pics of my Hanzo once I lost my pants and I felt the need to explain that I actually had the full costume but was too warm wearing it so opted for summer Hanzo. Lol none the less, I'm excited to share those photos with you all. 

This upcoming weekend I'll be shooting fashion with my photographer friend YaoFow. 

Next weekend, my friend Sylence will be flying down from Washington and I'll be assisting and modeling with her four shoots and I'll be doing two duos with her! Keep a look out for more cosplay shenanigans/ WIP. 

The third week of August I'll be doing a shootfest with some of the models from CosplayDeviants, I'll be shooting a solo, duos, a trio, and a group! I'll be bringing Rogue out of retirement for one of the shoots! I'm super nervous but really excited! 

The end of August and the beginning of September I'll be making a trip out to Denver, Colorado where I'll be attending NanDesuKan with some friends and I might get to meet Deviant ArcadeHime. 

Then in October I have plans to attend TwitchCon with my Friend ThatNanaChick (Twitch) as Connor from Detroit: Become Human and she'll be Kara. 

Sorry for overloading you all with a bunch of information, I'll be updating and sending little reminders here and there. :3 busy, busy, busy.