Anime Expo

Two more hours until I get to the hotel. 

I'll be shooting potential sets on Thursday with Kanani Designs; starting with a Food Wars duo with Mira and ending the night with a Kakegurui trio with Amy Fantasy and Mira.

If we're  able to stream our duo on the chat we'll be streaming from 10-11am. I'll be streaming my Midari solo on IG from 2-4pm. The last stream will be on chat from 7-9pm (PST). 

I'll be doing guest signings at CosDev booth (2018/2019) on Friday from 11am-noon cosplaying as Hanzo Shimada. If you can't catch me there I'll be at the Overwatch gathering from 1:30-3:30pm, Saturday Dragon Age gathering  from 12-1pm, and then on Sunday the Juuni Taisen gathering from 11am-noon. 

If you see me, feel free to stop and chat :) 

I look forward to seeing you, have a fun and safe AX! 😘