I'm back from SakuraCon just to start getting ready for FanimeCon. I rewore King, debuted Hanzo, and rewore Kurapika. I had such a great time getting to meet so many new people and going to gatherings. I enend up seeing Andromeda, Xiphos, WightKnight, and Kanani during con. 


Here's a pic of my Hanzo cosplay everything was made by me except for the bikini top. 

I am preparing two new cosplays and need to fix up Hanzo as well as make the bow before Fanime. One is a surprise cosplay and the other is Tom Lucitor to go with DethrauxItsudatsu's Star cosplay from Star vs. the Forces of Evil. 

I am also very excited that I was tagged in the Vampire Princess Miyu set I shot back in August so you all will get to see that soon!