Some things to look forward to:

Next weekend (February 10th) I'll be shooting a potential solo and duo set for Cosplay Deviants with Dethraux & Subversive Photography - Photos, technique, critique since doing a live video was such a hit last time when we shot Tsuyu and Uraraka we'll have another live video during our duo & solos. I may try to run the duo set on Cosplay Deviants FB page and the solos on our pages. :)

I'll be pouring some time into my Hanzo cosplay /finally/. I am not sure about going live while I work because I tend to get easily distracted and if I'm being honest I'm not much of an entertainer BUT I will try!

I'll be doing a shoot fest the first weekend of March with Dethraux, Radical Edward Cosplayer, Azzi and Kanani Designs for potential set submissions to Cosplay Deviants. During this time we'll go LIVE and provide tons of BTS.

SakuraCon is my next convention. I'll be in the Seattle area from March 29-April 2. This con seems like it's going to be my most laid back con yet. I don't really have any commitments as far as group cosplay go and I'm not hosting or really doing anything. The plan right now is to go to some gatherings, catch up with friends, and meet some of my fans (if any of you will be attending please let me know! Let's take a selfie together 😘) I also can't wait to try a pho place that is supposed to be amazing that's about a 10 minute walk from the con. I'll update with the gathering lists I am planning on going to!

I have tons of new cos-plans from a bunch of different series that I will be working on: Devilman Crybaby, Star vs. the Forces of Evil, Rick & Morty  are just a few.