RyokoYuuki's Blog

Fanime is next weekend. Is anyone going? Make sure if you see me stop me and say hello. ❤ 

I'll be there Friday night through part of the day on Sunday. I'm bringing a chainmail version of Slave Leia Organa [Star Wars], Nishinoya Yu [Haikyuu], King Harlequin [Seven Deadly Sins], and Rule 63: Satoshi Isshiki [Shokugeki no Soma: Food Wars]. Check my IG for more frequent updates and what costumes Im wearing that day. 

I am super stoked that my King Harlquin set got approved so please look forward to that! I will also be shooting with Kanani Designs again in June and I am so excited to hang out with her again and finally get to meet Radical Edward and do a couple of sets with her and with Potential Natalie Chen! 

Big update and lots of EXCITE.