Rested and somewhat functional after a trip became twice as long due to traffic. Deviant Potential Sylence and I completed four photoshoots and boy oh boy is she smokin hot and a natural talent.
We shot Momo Yaoyorozu x Kyoka Jirou (My Hero Academia) and Android 18 x fem Krillin (DBZ) duos and we both can't wait to submit them. She was also able to shoot a Momo solo and a Winry solo. Guys, her cosplay is on point and damn does she make a damn great Momo 😍.
I just wanted to say huge shout out to Chain and Roxanna for being the best hosts and people to work with! They helped to make the weekend so much fun and our sets beautiful.

Prepare for a long update: 

Hey all, I'm back from AX and I'm still exhausted. I took a small break from social media but I'm coming back full force. I'm pretty swamped through October between shoots and cons. Some things could change or be updated, I'll do my best to keep you all informed. 
My opinion on AX, should not influence or effect your opinions of the Con. I always try things once and decided that that con wasn't the best for me due to heat and the crowds. Otherwise AX has a lot to offer and has things you wouldn't normally (or in my experience) see or be able to participate in. I did 3 potential sets for Cosplay Deviants; a duo as Hisako Arato with Deviant Mira Shiver as Erina Nakiri, a solo as Midari Ikishina from Kakegurui, and a Kakegurui trio with Amy Fantasy as the President (Kirari Momobami) and Mira as Ririka Momobami. The shoots were definitely a learning experience since both Amy and Mira have a ton more exper...

Anime Expo

Two more hours until I get to the hotel. 

I'll be shooting potential sets on Thursday with Kanani Designs; starting with a Food Wars duo with Mira and ending the night with a Kakegurui trio with Amy Fantasy and Mira.

If we're  able to stream our duo on the chat we'll be streaming from 10-11am. I'll be streaming my Midari solo on IG from 2-4pm. The last stream will be on chat from 7-9pm (PST). 

I'll be doing guest signings at CosDev booth (2018/2019) on Friday from 11am-noon cosplaying as Hanzo Shimada. If you can't catch me there I'll be at the Overwatch gathering from 1:30-3:30pm, Saturday Dragon Age gathering  from 12-1pm, and then on Sunday the Juuni Taisen gathering from 11am-noon. 

If you see me, feel free to stop and chat :) 

I look forward to seeing you, have a fun and safe AX! 😘



I'm back from SakuraCon just to start getting ready for FanimeCon. I rewore King, debuted Hanzo, and rewore Kurapika. I had such a great time getting to meet so many new people and going to gatherings. I enend up seeing Andromeda, Xiphos, WightKnight, and Kanani during con. 

I'm back from SakuraCon just to start getting ready for FanimeCon. I rewore King, debuted Hanzo, and rewore Kurapika. I had such a great time getting to meet so many new people and going to gatherings. I enend up seeing Andromeda, Xiphos, WightKnight, and Kanani during con. 


Here's a pic of my Hanzo cosplay everything was made by me except for the bikini top. 

I am preparing two new cosplays and need to fix up Hanzo as well as make the bow before Fanime. One is a surprise cosplay and the other is Tom Lucitor to go with DethrauxItsudatsu's Star cosplay from Star vs. the Forces of Evil. 

I am also very excited that I was tagged in the Vampire Princess Miyu set I shot back in August so you all will get to see that soon! 

Some things to look forward to:

Next weekend (February 10th) I'll be shooting a potential solo and duo set for Cosplay Deviants with Dethraux & Subversive Photography - Photos, technique, critique since doing a live video was such a hit last time when we shot Tsuyu and Uraraka we'll have another live video during our duo & solos. I may try to run the duo set on Cosplay Deviants FB page and the solos on our pages. :)

I'll be pouring some time into my Hanzo cosplay /finally/. I am not sure about going live while I work because I tend to get easily distracted and if I'm being honest I'm not much of an entertainer BUT I will try!

I'll be doing a shoot fest the first weekend of March with Dethraux, Radical Edward Cosplayer, Azzi and Kanani Designs for potential set submissions to Cosplay Deviants. During this time we'll go LIVE and provide tons of BTS.

SakuraCon is my next convention. I'll be in the Seattle a...

Long time no blog! I have been working diligently on getting ready for ALA which includes working out like crazy. I will be making appearances on chat here and there to work on some cosplay and craft stuff that needs to be done before ALA. If you're lacking motivation, get on chat with me and let's work! 


I'm also looking for cosplay suggestions and constructive feedback on future sets:

So let me know what you think? :) 

Hope to meet some of you at ALA!

I may get on a little earlier to live stream tonight but the plan is to go live on Instagram (@ryokoyuuki) around 6pm PST. I'll be doing a mini Q&A while I'm on but I'll mostly be working on cosplay: wig work (cutting, style, adding in wefts), pattern drafting/ pattern cutting, pinning, and possibly sewing. Feel free to stop in & say hi! 

I'll be live on Instagram Friday night and/or Saturday starting on my Hanzo Shimada cosplay and I'll be doing some wig work too. Come chill with me and let's do a mini Q&A. :) Holidays are coming up and I have a bunch of shoots planned next month. Most are for CosplayDeviants (Dethraux & I are planning a couple duos) and one is a personal project with friends. Im so excited! 

Hey guys it's almost been a week since YaoiCon and I met so many wonderful people and had such a great trash-filled weekend with my friends and new friends that I had made. I was super excited to get pics of my Kurapika (HunterxHunter) cosplay but it didn't happen because I ended up over-heated and I only wore it for an hour or two. However, I am planning on doing a set for him so I hope that I can share it with you all.

YaoiCon was my last con for the year but I am planning on attending SacAnime and ALA in January. Hope to see some of you there!

I have a couple of sets in queue - don't worry I haven't completely fallen off the radar. I also am going to start working on Hanzo from Overwatch! Come check me out on FB live or IG for more frequent updates :) 


Hey guys, I'll be at SacAnime for most of the day if you see me (I'll be Nishinoya Yu from Haikyuu) make sure to come say hello. If you're not able to make it check out my Facebook today as I'll be going live an annoying amount! I'll be sharing getting ready process/ makeup, at con shenanigansm, and late night drunk times with friends/ my cosplay pals. Be there or be square ❤