Guys!! I'm getting into the last half of my backpiece! I'm healing this last session right now. I'm also into the last week of prep for GenCon. Not much left to do thankfully. I won't have time to prep for Dragoncon so this is likely my last con prep this year. 

Also, I had another set go live today so you should go check that out for me!

See you guys at con!


Just found out I have another set going live this weekend!! I'm really excited for it! It's been a while since I've had anything go live due to a little break. 

Also, I finished session 5 of my backpiece last week and it's healing nicely. It's going to take forever, but it'll be worth it. 

Hope you guys are doing well! Happy almost March!

Megacon 2015

Roxy Lalonde

I am so thrilled I got to be a part of CosDev's even team for this con. I met so many of our lovely ladies and many of you members too! It was a great experience, and I'm so thankful!

I debuted a costume I just finished and haven't shot yet, a costume I've shot and haven't submitted yet and a costume in a set waiting to go live. Sneak peaks below.


Professor Oak with the Pokemonz


And yes, I have an obsession with Toothless. I bought so many thing of Toothless. I am definitely planning to cosplay Astrid at some point (what's up with all my blonde characters?!)

I still have Rias Gremory, Sweet Pea, Nami , Liz Thompson and Sailor Neptune to finish up. That's six cosplays I may have finished by summer and shot by the end of summer! I also have three videos I shot for here so cross your fingers they get accepted!

Later dolls.

PS if you met me this weekend, ...

Yay! It's here, it's here! Hope you guys get as excited as I am about the set releasing! I love her character, and I kind of feel like I had to cosplay her since I have the boobs and have been to Russia...;) No spy associates though :(

Two days! I hope you guys like!


I shot my second Cosplay Deviants set today! I think it went really well, and I hope everyone here likes it :) Here are some behind the scenes shots:


Heh, the second picture looks funny. I was impatiently waiting on my camera on my phone to cooperate. You get the point. These pictures are crap compared to the set of course. I just got excited and wanted to show off costume pictures. 

That wig was a pain. I dyed the blue part of it, cut it to the right length, and straightened it. Wheee for learning how to modify them though!

Okay, that's all. Hope you all get to see the set soonish <3

I'm excited to announce I am officially a Cosplay Deviant! I've wanted this for a long while, and I'm very happy to have my first set up. I made this costume almost entirely by hand because I'm a huge fan of Game of Thrones. As I type this, I'm listening to the third book on audio books. I do love this series :)

Anyways, thanks for all the support! I can't wait to get my next set started! I have a costume request accepted and have started on acquiring that costume today.