Raen's Blog

I'm so excited to be shooting again!!!! So far I have shot a duo with Anastasia August as Luffy and Nami!!!

A duo with Heathen as San and Ashitaka!

A trio with Heathen and Kika as Savage Lands Storm, Rogue, and Shanna She Devil!

A solo as Ashitaka!

And a solo as the Zenescope Mad Hatter!

So hopefully these all get accepted and I can share them with you guys!!! 

Huge shout out to  the photographers who helped me with these Sinful side of SSD (Mad hatter, Ashitaka & San, Luffy & Nami) Melissa Drew (Ashitaka solo) and Still2bigphotos (Savage Lands)  thanks for being awesome and helping me make beautiful photos <3