I'm in the preview box again!!! I'm SO excited to share my latest set Let's Go with you guys! Im also really excited to finally play the games on switch, I cant wait, I'm going at midnight tomorrow. I also ended up with the 16th off so I may pop in chat for a bit as I play! Heres hoping to see you there maybe we can geek out together! I'll hopefully remember to get pics cause I'm picking it up in cosplay :3 

Woo! I am so super excited to share this set with you guys! I think my favorite part is the vine whips I made I AGONIZED FOREVER over how I was going to make them, seriously I almost bought some paracord and was going to give whip braiding a shot, but ended up kinda mashing a few projects I had done already together to make them. I hope you all love it can't wait to share more with you, I definitely have some awesome stuff in que! stay tuned!!!

I'm so excited to be shooting again!!!! So far I have shot a duo with Anastasia August as Luffy and Nami!!!

A duo with Heathen as San and Ashitaka!

A trio with Heathen and Kika as Savage Lands Storm, Rogue, and Shanna She Devil!

A solo as Ashitaka!

And a solo as the Zenescope Mad Hatter!

So hopefully these all get accepted and I can share them with you guys!!! 

Huge shout out to  the photographers who helped me with these Sinful side of SSD (Mad hatter, Ashitaka & San, Luffy & Nami) Melissa Drew (Ashitaka solo) and Still2bigphotos (Savage Lands)  thanks for being awesome and helping me make beautiful photos <3

Next month begins a shoot mania for me (relatively speaking) I have been really close on a couple of costumes lately and this last month have finished about 3. I finished my Ashitaka from Princess Mononoke, Tracy Sketchit, The Mad Hatter from the Grimms FairyTales comic. I am going to shoot some solos, some duos, and a TRIO!!! I couldn't be happier! I found a handy little app called cosplanner which has helped me decide the order to work on costumes based on their closeness to completion and has really stream lined finishing costumes for me! As well as being gifted a Savage Lands cosplay from Bear that I edited a bit! it's going to be GLORIOUS!!!!


Yesterday I went to the local nudeuat park and shot some video content!!! I'm kinda nervous as it's my first video shoot ever, but I can't wait to see how it turns out! I'm all fired up!


So I had a blast with the Q&A the other night and I wanted to thank everyone who came and hung out!!! 

Thanks 💗Raen

I am SO PUMPED!!!! I just got the notification that my next set will be coming out soon!!!!! I can't wait for you guys to see it!!!! It is probably my favorite set I have shot yet! I really hope you guys like it too, it's TRULY OUTRAGEOUS!!! <3 <3 <3

Hey friends! Happy May the 4th!!!! Here is my twi'lek from last year when I worked at a costume shop!!!  (I didn't get to dress up at my new job :( but I still love this one and my lekku by Pam is AMAZING!!!)



Keep in mind these aren't for Cosplay Deviants I just thought you guys may enjoy them! (though I am now seriously considering doing a set as her <3)

The preview for my first cosplay deviants shoot with multiple girls just got posted! Check it out on my tumblr or Facebook page! I had so much fun shooting with Hex Hypoxia, Violet Vixsin, Mira Shiver, Mewes and Sinful Sideof SDD!!! I really cant wait to see it and share it with you lovelies when it is done!!! Love you gais  <3  

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