Reshot my Nathan Drake Cosplay Recently. or should I say Natalie drake? heheh Heres a little outtake behind the scenes shot. Next up is Tomb Raider, and Uta from Tokyo ghoul. ALL THE COSPLAYS!* runs around craft room excitedly* Having some hopefuls come over this weekend to do a camping photo shoot trip and full cosplay frolicking in the woods. Stay tuned for behind the scenes!

Found the cutest Daisy field to shoot Nurse Joy in. With all these Eevee's running around on Cosplay Deviants, I thought they might need some heals. :3

Here's an outtake for a behind the scenes, because I couldn't contain my excitement ahhhh.( p.s. if you look in the grass of this shot there are Eevee's too.)

Hey all its been a while since I blogged, fear not I am still cosplaying up a storm and Sooooo excited for my Juuzou from Tokyo Ghoul set to come out soon!  Been having a blast cosplaying as Nacho Libre and going to have some fun soon with a friend/ hopeful who will be my partner in crime for Nacho. Hope to take a lot of pics and have some funny videos soon. for now here are some solo nacho shots, I wear stretchy pants just for fun * says in best Nacho voice*



Did a shoot Yesterday of my Nathan Drake Cosplay with excitement over Uncharted 4 that came out a day before Yesterday. It was such a blast, Went to this old hidden temple like location and got to swing from ropes, climb on structures, jump off the roofs, crawl through secret passageways. So here's a Little dance video of my Behind the scenes.


Having fun behind the scenes with some of the props for a Bulma set. Couldn't resist making a Gif.

Had a great time with Stagger with our first slumber party and cosplay shoot marathon. Look forward to seeing her again real soon. This was a little behind the scenes goofiness.


While in Washington I got to meet a lovely Hopeful names Stagger. She and I bonded with some Drakengard cosplays. This weekend she is coming to visit for a slumber party yay! we will also be having some fun adventures with photography and our drakengard characters. Here's a cool shot of us role playing a battle. annndd FIGHT! so happy to be apart of this community and make cosplay friends.



Had a Blast at Sakura-Con this year. Kaine Cosplay was my first attempt at Weapons and I am pretty happy with them. Definitely a learning experience. This was also my first time doing a complex wig style..nearly lost the back of my Mohawk in the process lol. Learned a lot about tailoring and detail work on an complex top and undies. Super happy with how it turned out and can't wait for next years Sakura-Con. 


Went to the local ( clothing optional) Hot springs this weekend for some cosplay shenanigans. Got a lot of strange looks to which Kanani and I decided to make a gif of the funny rage face I made at them. Had a blast and definitely got a +4 to constitution for that soak in the springs.

Loving the look of the new site, and with that I am busting out a lot of cosplays and shoots. Look forward to all the fun this summer with cosplay. yay