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Just got back from my first Dystopia Rising. It was a post apocalyptic larp where I joined a group of communists called the red stars! Twas a blast and happens all over the u.s.!! 

I have a special extra spooky set coming out soon! 

Gonna be busy with school as well, got a large amount of homework but have no fear lots of sets are still in the future.

Have a bunch of new sets submitted and now that summers almost over it time for school again. But fear not, once I return from my pirate trip I will again be in chat alot.

I am happy to say that my nightingale skyrim armor set has been accepted, and destiny awoken shoot was a success!  I also have my Arcade Riven in queue so keep your eyes peeled for all those big buil cosplays. Got a lot of cool shoots planned this winter and next summer as well. 


Also I will be at Gencon!!! so if you are going please stop by and say hi at the cosplay deviants booth!!! 

Video of the Awoken Hunter Queens Gaurd from Destiny cosplay. Look for the upcoming set coming out soon!

Rock Lee's New Jutsu: Goddess Dragon Melons. 

working on some new sets, but during the downtime, while we edit here is a funny video of me cosplaying as Rock Lee with Shuriken fidget spinner pasties.


couldn't resist making a Bay Watch inspired video during the little road trip to the Oregon coast with Ryoko Yuuki and Natalie Chen and Kanani Designs. it was a blast! got so many shoots done including a King and Diane from Seven Deadly Sins cosplay duo shot.  

End of the Week I and Kanani Designs fly out to Anime Expo for some cosplay shenanigans with some of the Cosplay Deviant Family. hope to see you all there!

yaaay! My black butler cosplay set comes out this saturday! woot!! so excited to share the photos of this beautiful Kimono that took Kanani, Dj onyxxx and I a month solid to embroider. 

on another note: I am officially going to Anime Expo! going to be bringing a different line up this time cosplay wise, so I might be hard to spot.  I will for sure be at the cosplay deviants party, and you might see me running around as Nacho Libre and a Chocobo for most of con.

my duo with Wight Knight comes out on wednesday. Here is a really funny bts video of us goofing around in cosplay. Music is from Chariots of Fire.



alright, so texas was fun. had a great trip and met a bunch of amazing deviants. 

Next up. wellll I have a new set coming out this month! Its my first duo, and its with Wight Knight that studmuffin.

I have a really busy cosplay packed summer planned so keep your eyes peeled for all the other bts and sets coming out. MOAARRRR COSPPLLAAAYYSSSS 

ooh look at the new shiny set coming out on Wednesday! huzzah!!! also keep your eyes peeled for the other cosplay sets Iv'e been working on with Kanani Designs and Infinity Point Studio!