OMG so excited! finally one of my fave sets ive ever submitted is going to go up! prepare for some mad booty and silliness. 

also excited for all the holiday content im working on <3


so excited to be going to gencon again this year <3 looking forward to seeing some new and old faces again and having fun with some of my all time fave deviants <3

Also super stoked for the release of my newest set KO kicks. its my Dal Dal from Girls of the Wilds cosplay. Girls of the Wilds is an incredible Korean manga about a martial arts high school. its empowering, slice of life, sporty, romantic, high school shojoish kinda manga that is entirely colored. thats right every single panel is in full detail color and its breath taking. seriously highly recommend it. <3

wooooo! Uta set is coming out soon!!!!! * flails happily* 

I also am shooting my calendar submissions next month, and like 5 cosplays. This summer is going to be Jam packed with shootfests including getting to work officially with Thaitan! other deviants on the summer extravaganza collab list are Stagger, Harley Hearstop, Amy Fantasy,Wight Knight, Dark Crow, Ryoko Yuuki,  and a few others in the works muahahha. Once summer break hits its going to be Blogathon and all the bts photos.

cosplays on the summer to do list:

voldemort, mememe, nega sonic teenage warhead, Aang, Kratos, Nahiri, Raiden, Solas, Squirtle Squad, Nana, Keijo!!!!, Darth Bane, Teemo, Jack from mass effect, love live group, Juraiya, Sakura, Furiosa, Warboy, and Nurse Joy trio hopefully.

stay tuned.

Super excited about the sds duo of Ryoko Yuuki and I coming out on the 6th. I have a few other sets in queue such as Uta from Tokyo Ghoul, Arcade Riven from LoL, Sokka from Avatar the last Airbender, Alice from Resident evil, and tomb raider wetsuit. I have a ton of other shoots done and in editing and a few lined up for the summer so stay tuned for all those teasers. but for now here are some teasers of the sets in  queue. 

Have a pretty amazing Christmas duo with Mira coming out soon. We had such great chemistry so keep an eye out for that spicy set.<3<3 

In other news, I have a few other sets submitted including arcade Riven from league of legends solo, King and Diane duo, wetsuit tomb raider, Alice from resident evil, Uta from Tokyo Ghoul, and Sokka cactus juice cosplay. 

going to be shooting a bunch of stuff in the next couple of weeks in the snow after finals in Uni finish. This will include some pretty epic bald cosplays since I shaved my head. 

so far my list is : 

negasonic teenage war head, Picard, warboy, furiousa, kratos, dr.manhattan, aang, krillin, piccolo, zhaan,yondu( if i can get my hands on a mary poppins outfit), Jack, Nosferatu, darth bane, and a few others.

Don't think I ever got around to sharing the photo of me jumping off the  5ish foot cliff into the water as Lara Croft. but if y'all wondered how into character Ed goes...... 100% committed. Got a few snow shoots in the works, some warmer shoots, and a nice pile of bald cosplays including some special DBZ cosplays.

Just got back from my first Dystopia Rising. It was a post apocalyptic larp where I joined a group of communists called the red stars! Twas a blast and happens all over the u.s.!! 

I have a special extra spooky set coming out soon! 

Gonna be busy with school as well, got a large amount of homework but have no fear lots of sets are still in the future.

Have a bunch of new sets submitted and now that summers almost over it time for school again. But fear not, once I return from my pirate trip I will again be in chat alot.

I am happy to say that my nightingale skyrim armor set has been accepted, and destiny awoken shoot was a success!  I also have my Arcade Riven in queue so keep your eyes peeled for all those big buil cosplays. Got a lot of cool shoots planned this winter and next summer as well. 


Also I will be at Gencon!!! so if you are going please stop by and say hi at the cosplay deviants booth!!! 

Video of the Awoken Hunter Queens Gaurd from Destiny cosplay. Look for the upcoming set coming out soon!