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I spent last weekend in Los Angeles at the wonderful Transgender Erotica Awards show.  I wore a stupid nerdy tank top to the pre party, and for the show I wore a Her Universe Kylo Ren dress.

A lot of my friends won awards, but what was incredibly surprising was starting off the night winning an award with several other folks!  We got the "Best DVD" award for our work in "Real Fucking Girls 2", and it was such an amazing moment.   Anyways, since I hate the formatting of typing here, have some picture spam. :) 

I wish I could find a more accurate bikini, but this will have to work for now.

Hung out with fellow CosDev model Stagger in Oakland last weekend and touched base with a photographer and studio. Hopefully it'll mean more content in the future!

I have a bit of a routine set up now, but it's still slow going trying to get errands and such done and out of the way.

I want to do some more makeup tests and such, but life's so busy and I"m always so tired Q_Q

Anyways, I'm more active on Twitter if you want to see me talk waaaaay too much :D I'll try posting more here though.

Life Update

Heya world! I am, in fact, alive.  I got caught up in some personal stuff for the last few months (ended up moving from LA back up to the Bay Area), but things have slowly started to stabilize.  I'm hoping I'll be able to create some more content eventually.

I went to ALA last weekend which was really fun!  Got to hang out with Ryoko, Shae, Andromeda, and other deviants which was nice. (I posted a few selfies on twitter). I also worked on a couple costumes which I'm really proud of!  One is Todoroki from My Hero Academia and the other was Chloe from Life is Strange.  They're fairly simple but I'm actually a complete scrub when it comes to sewing or wigs so this was a nice experience for me.

Next con will be Fanime most likely!  But if you want to keep up to date on stuff, you can follow me on Twitter or Instagram. :)   I shut down my FB page for now.

I made a thing.
Modified from Obsydiann Props' 3d print with permission.

I wanted to write about being transgender, how I came to find myself at Cosplay Deviants, and why I feel it's so important to have visibly trans bodies out there.

I came out as transgender in 2012, after honorably ending my career in the US Marines.  This was after many months of therapy and reflection, including a period where I decided to stop and transgender related care and focus all my attention on the military.  It was not a decision I made lightly, as I loved the Marines and the military continues to struggle with its approach to trans service members to this day.  In all honesty, if my unit hadn't cancelled its Afghanistan deployment, I might have stayed even longer.  But as peacetime came around and all my buddies started to leave, I realized  these feelings I had grappled with for so long were not going away, and I had to accept and deal with them.

About a year after coming out, I got into the porn industry. &n...