Late notice, I know, but if you're not doing anything tonight, I'll be hopping into Cosplay Deviants chat at 8pm EST to hang out and style my Misty wig. AMA and watch an inanimate object (hopefully not) get the better of me. :p

So I've been meaning to do bloggy stuff for AGES but never seemed to get around to doing them. So I figured I'd do one about my submission for the 2020 CosDev calendar. 

I've been a fan of Pokemon since the very first games on Gameboy (even tho I, admittedly, stopped playing after Emerald) and have fond memories of watching the anime as a kid. I'd always wanted to cosplay Misty, since she was the sassy heart of the group, but never got around to it. 

So I've finally taken the plunge and am submitting her as a slutty little mechanic tuning her beloved bicycle (before that rotten Ash stole it, of course).