I am so excited to be attending gencon again with CD! I’m putting together a couple new cosplays and am super excited about my party costume!

I never really cosplay OCs and I don’t really do gothy/witchy looks that often, so I’m playing with both and dressing as a Tiefling wizard for the Gencon Party! 

I’ve been going through my Forgotten Realms player books and designing the chatacter! Yes, I know Tieflings are now in 4th and 5th editions, but I really like the plane touched version of the race AND the appearance options are way more flexible in FR. 

I’m designing my look around a killer pair of FABULOUS (and shocking comfortable) pair of boots I got from a friend and going with a dark fire mage vibe. 

Will pos pics of my desing and the boots as soon as I’m at my computer.

Who will I see at gencon! I had so much fun meeting everyone last year! Who’s coming to the par...

Hello all! Been a minute since I did the blog thing. This year has been chaotic and full of changes for me. I am so excited to be going back to AX with deviants and I've been shooting a whole bunch of content recently! I'm also shooting a bunch more while in LA! .. Will try to get some preview pics up here soon!


We are revamping the Cosplay Deviants Podcast! This Sunday I will be interviewing Melissa Drew LIVE in CD chat starting around 10am CST. Members in chat will get to see the interview first AND I will open the floor for questions for the last 10 minutes or so of the podcast! So be there and participate! This will be our first episode so be prepared for technical problems 😜 

Hello! I haven't updated my personal blog here in a bit. I have a new cosplay finished in time for Dallas Fan Expo this coming weekend! I'll be premiering my Cinderella from Fables (specifically the "Fables are Forever" cover!) This cosplay has been on my list for so many years and I'm excited to finally be able to wear it! I'll also be bringing my Rattata and Lady Luck (which I've never worn to a con before!)

Can't wait to see everyone at the con in my hometown! If you need restaurant recommendations while you're in Texas let me know!

<3 Mira!

Hey! Just a heads up, starting tonight (in about 30 minutes) I'm going to be streaming World of Warcraft on the Cosplay Deviants Twitch Channel Wednesday nights at 7:30(ish)pm CST!

I'm currently going through and leveling a bunch of new toons to 20 using the "starter" account. I usually play Horde, but LOVE the lore of Azeroth so I will be leveling one character of each race. After I get all the low level toons up to snuff I'll start the grind to max level. I play on Borean Tundra if anyone wants to play along! MiraShiver#1112

See you there!

I have another box review for Anime Bento over on YouTube! 

Be sure to check it out! 

Also, like my bookshelf? Easily visible in this background are our World of Warcraft books, Blizzard special edition boxes, Sherlock Holmes, and some of our Marvel collection o.o weeeeee books!

What's up all! It's been a bit since I made a blog post. Oh life, why do you always get in the way! 

I am so happy my Princess Serenity set finally went live! I love that dress! Also Shaundi! 

I have a Christmas set in editing that will hopefully be submitted soon. I'm working on a Valentine's collaboration with Raen. And so many versions of Lucy Heartfilia! Will share progress pictures soon.

Anyway, I'll make a longer post soon. I had so much fun meeting a bunch of you at AX and Dragoncon! This is just a short note to let you all know I'm still kicking, just not always at my computer. 


Thanks to everyone who came out to the Cosplay Deviants Panel at Akon Dallas! We had so much fun this past weekend and it was great to meet everyone! I'll post more later, but as off now we're all exhausted and need some rest :) 

I've quit one of my day jobs so I can focus more on costuming and performing... and taken up stripping instead. This has the added benefit of making me a better performer for parties like the cosplay deviants parties... 

Speaking of which! I'll be at Anime Expo with CD in July! Come say hi and dance with me at the party! Weeee! Other conventions I'll be attending this summer include Akon Dallas and Quake Con. 

I'm working on a new version of Lucy Heartfilia to take with me to AX and helping Cerise Zeller build a few costumes and putting together sundry items for a group for Akon! I'm also playing  quite a bit of Hearthstone if anyone wants to add me to their battlenet. That's about all for now!


Hello all! Isn't the new site fantastic!

Ok, so costumes I'm working on. For me I'm putting together another version of Lucy Heartfilia (Fairy Tail) and Lady Rainicorn (Adventure Time). There are always other things in the works but those are the two I'm actively completing. I'm also sewing things for Cerise Zeller and a few other ladies. My Lady Rainicorn costume has me playing with my new knitting machine and I'm super excited to work in this new medium! For Lucy I'm going to be building her magic whip and I can't wait to play around with EL wire and led lights again o.o