(notice how I didn't say "be with you" because #TeamDarkSide forever)


Here's a behind the scenes peek at something special that Foxy and I shot for next year!



Still Grey

I pulled out my camera the other day for practice and snapped a ton of behind the scenes selfies while I was at it. What can I say, I was really diggin' this wig!

Okay, but can I just live in a seifuku forever? 

Happy Lunar New Year! I'm celebrating my trying to get ALL of the beautiful new skins on Overwatch right now. Mercy's is so pretty and of course, I love D.Va's.
I played all day today in (and then out) of costume!

NewCon PDX

I'm baaaaack from NewCon! Spent an amazing weekend up in Portland with a handful of other awesome Cosplay Deviants- what a weekend! Oh, and I finally wore both Melisandre and Black Widow to a convention! They were both well received. Can you tell I have a thing for all kind of redheads??


Quick little test run of my Snot Girl cosplay 

A little preview of a set I shot while visiting back home in California. And yes, I am all wrinkly when I take my necklace off.