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Here’s me attempting to make YouTube videos regularly.

The first in a bi-monthly roundup of my Play of the Games & Highlights in Overwatch’s Competitive Season 5

July’s hero is Mercy!

I never played her before this season, now I have about 70 hours on her and she’s just about all I play.

So I have a ton I need to shoot still and I hadn't intended on putting together anything else until I had knocked some of those out... but... Mira invited me to shoot a duo with her and I couldn't say no because I adore her and the characters bring me right back to my childhood and my love for one of the first animes I ever watched. 

I haven't been working on cosplay too much lately because honestly, I just don't have the space in my apartment for it! The struggle is so real (anyone who has a closet full of props and wigs can relate, I'm sure!!!)

I am however, digging the shit out of pastel lately. Normally I'm an all black kind of gal. What do you guys think?

So, this isn't cosplay but I've been working on my photography lately and thought I'd share this self shot image with guys! I think it could use some accompanying fanfic... How exactly does a fair maiden end up shackled in a garden? You decide!

(notice how I didn't say "be with you" because #TeamDarkSide forever)


Here's a behind the scenes peek at something special that Foxy and I shot for next year!