Sorry I've been so quiet around here! My husband and I got approved for a house and it was all so spur of the monent- really threw us for a loop, but we're all settled in now! (If you'd like to get me a little house warming gift, you can find my wishlist here! )

Aside from that, my skin went craaaazy so I stopped shooting for a while- (I suffer from psoriasis) but I'm finally on new medication, which means I'm gonna be getting back to shooting like ASAP. I have four cosplays that need to be shot, and I'm keeping one of them top secret because I'm just way to stoked on it and I don't wanna jinx myself in anyway. I'll finally be shooting my Purple Heart though, which some of you got to see at Anime Expo! I'll also be shooting BloodRayne AND Black Widow :) I'm really diggin' being a redhead, so I'm sort of like, "SHOOT ALL OF THE RED HEADED CHARACTERS!" Plus, I've loved BloodRayne since high school (WOMAN CRUSH FOR SURE) and ScarJo made me wanna bone Black Widow, so I got stuck on that idea as well.

Aside from plotting cosplay goodness and moving, I haven't been up to too much though. I *try* to keep Facebook updated, so of course you can lurk me there, as well as Instagram: @melissadrewmodel , and Tumblr. Keep a look out because I have some rad publications coming out! You'll be able to go pick me up in your local Barnes & Noble soon. I'll also be posting behind the scenes photos from my upcoming shoots, which are all happening in December!


Melissa Drew