Melissa Drew's Blog

So I'm planning my trip up to Northern California in December and I seriously plan on shooting EVERYTHING. EVER. Okay, maybe not, but a lot....

On my plate I have- BloodRanye, Purple Heart, and Miko Mido (which I have to reshoot), but I also have a massive list of costumes I'd like to put together to shoot as well.

Melisandre - Game of Thrones
Nurse Joy - Pokemon
Valentine- Skullgirls
Elle Driver - Kill Bill
Gogo Yubari - Kill Bill
Blossom - Powerpuff Girls
Him - Powerpuff Girls
Shaundi - Saints Row

(can you tell I like nurses??)

Anyways, if you'd like to see me in any of these cosplays, and then slowly undress out of them, check out my wishlist and help me put them together! I'll also be making some videos this time around of some of the characters, so I hope you guys are ready for some booty shaking.

I'm also always open to hearing your ideas of who I should dress up as next :)