I recently spent some time in Colorado at The Chateau: Cat Girl Manor with some of my kitten sisters to shoot a documentary for VICE. Here's a few photos from the weekend!

Hit up Ikkicon with Raen on Friday - I dressed as Rika from Bible Black and she was casual Jon Snow. Didn't take a ton of photos, but I snagged some video which I'll be posting on YouTube!


Back at it behind the camera again today - this time shooting a video of Raen as Savage Lands Rogue! I'll be submitting it soon :) 


Finally through on my LeeLoo cosplay again because 20 YEAR ANNIVERSARY HYYYYPPPPEEEE. 

I made this video using a clip from my game play. Trying to get used to the new Mercy and D.Va changes now. 
What do you guys think about the update?

New Faye Valentine set (and duo with Mira Shiver) coming soon ~