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Spent my Saturday naked on top of a parking garage in Downtown Austin shooting my LeeLoo set! So excited to have new sets being submitted. 
Stay tuned!

Kitten Raen~

Shot some cute cat girl photos of fellow Deviant Raen~ 

I recently spent some time in Colorado at The Chateau: Cat Girl Manor with some of my kitten sisters to shoot a documentary for VICE. Here's a few photos from the weekend!

Hit up Ikkicon with Raen on Friday - I dressed as Rika from Bible Black and she was casual Jon Snow. Didn't take a ton of photos, but I snagged some video which I'll be posting on YouTube!


Back at it behind the camera again today - this time shooting a video of Raen as Savage Lands Rogue! I'll be submitting it soon :) 


Finally through on my LeeLoo cosplay again because 20 YEAR ANNIVERSARY HYYYYPPPPEEEE. 

I made this video using a clip from my game play. Trying to get used to the new Mercy and D.Va changes now. 
What do you guys think about the update?