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I hope you enjoy this set. It's by far my favorite! I hope it'll become yours too with a little taste of what Andrew Ryan created...

~LZ xoxo

I've been stupid busy with work, shoots, friends events, moving into my first house...etc. that I haven't been able to do much after everything except sleeepppp. <3 lmao So I'm getting my internets turned on soon so once I do I will be in chat! I just mainly wanted to say that I still love you guys mucho! ^~^

~LZ xoxo

Now it's time to get ready for Monster Mania Convention this weekend!!! <3


Is less than a week away! For anyone going I am having my very first meet up at 2pm on Saturday at the main fountain. Or if you see me, just stop me! After the con I'll be making a collage of everyone. Just #LolitaZombie so that I can find them easier. :D I hope to see you there!

Ps. Vlogging will also be going on!!


My storenvy is now up for ONE day only as a test run! Get all your orders in now while you can! <3


I can't believe that my page is almost at 10k likes already.....that's a lot. @_@ Thanks for everyones love and support from here as well. <3

Also! Otakon! I'm having my very first meet up on Saturday at 2pm infront of the main fountain. :] Come say hi!!

Set #4 has been accepted and I'm super fricken excited!!!!! Now I'll be shooting set #5 with in the nexct few weeks. <3 But in the meen time go see more of my work and silliness on my page. I'll be making a new youtube video soon & OTAKON is right around the corner!! Can't wait!

Thanks to the lovely people behind Cosplay Deviants, my set is all fixed! Me gusta! <3

~LZ xoxo

My Link set is tagged and set to someone else so I'm trying to get it sorted all out right now. Thanks for everone's very nice comments though! Makes me a happy panda! 

~LZ xoxo

SOOOO EXCITED FOR THIS SET! I hope you guys enjoy it as well! <3

~LZ xoxo