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Gah! I've been so busy with work, shoots, cosplays, friends, working out, and vlogs I haven't been able to post here in a few weeks. I have two new sets for you's that I'm waiting on photo's for. I have treats coming your way on my fan page. And I've been getting sponsored a lot so I've been very busy making new review video's on my youtube but editing is always a a pain! I just wanted to drop by and say I love you guys mucho and to keep being awesome! <3

~LZ xoxo

Wish List?

For those you whom asked I do have one! I love you guys! Have a beautiful day and don't forget to smile. n.n

~LZ xoxo

I hope you enjoy this set. It's by far my favorite! I hope it'll become yours too with a little taste of what Andrew Ryan created...

~LZ xoxo

I've been stupid busy with work, shoots, friends events, moving into my first house...etc. that I haven't been able to do much after everything except sleeepppp. <3 lmao So I'm getting my internets turned on soon so once I do I will be in chat! I just mainly wanted to say that I still love you guys mucho! ^~^

~LZ xoxo

Now it's time to get ready for Monster Mania Convention this weekend!!! <3


Is less than a week away! For anyone going I am having my very first meet up at 2pm on Saturday at the main fountain. Or if you see me, just stop me! After the con I'll be making a collage of everyone. Just #LolitaZombie so that I can find them easier. :D I hope to see you there!

Ps. Vlogging will also be going on!!


My storenvy is now up for ONE day only as a test run! Get all your orders in now while you can! <3


I can't believe that my page is almost at 10k likes already.....that's a lot. @_@ Thanks for everyones love and support from here as well. <3

Also! Otakon! I'm having my very first meet up on Saturday at 2pm infront of the main fountain. :] Come say hi!!

Set #4 has been accepted and I'm super fricken excited!!!!! Now I'll be shooting set #5 with in the nexct few weeks. <3 But in the meen time go see more of my work and silliness on my page. I'll be making a new youtube video soon & OTAKON is right around the corner!! Can't wait!

Thanks to the lovely people behind Cosplay Deviants, my set is all fixed! Me gusta! <3

~LZ xoxo