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Is this weekend!! I'll be going down Thursday night but I'm so ready!! I can't wait!


I hope that you guys are enjoying my first outside set! Another will be on the way shortly! Thank you for the nice comments too. Thet made me smile. ❤️ Have a beautiful day!

~LZ xoxo

Be on my page on FB to see my first teaser for my main summer cosplay for Otakon! 8PM EST! Less than an hour!

~LZ xoxo

I've been a busy girl with editing new videos, working on new cosplays, and shooting new sets for you guys. A new one was just accepted so I'll be working on another on in a week or so to keep them coming for you guys! Any of you going to Otakon next month? 

Also puting anything that has been purchased off my Wishlist into upcoming videos! 

~LZ xoxo

Thanks a bunch you guys! New content coming in with in the next week or so!!


Anyone going next Saturday!? i'll be there for the day! :D

Are my summer cons! Will I seee any of you at them?

I have been waiting on a set that I sent in a few weeks ago to be responded too but I'm sure it's busy here right now. n.n

I also am awaiting a sponsored prop for my main summer cosplay and trust me this one I even blew myself away on it! I can'tg wait for these cons Grimlies. This summers going to be a BLAST!

~LZ xoxo

it's on my channel here! ~

i missed you poops! I have four cosplays almost done for you guys to receive over the next few Months! But as of right now is anyone in the tristate area going to Animenext or Otakon? I want to meet you guys!