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First ever holiday themed shot and submitted! Hope it gets accepted!! I'm excited for it! Have a beautiful day Grimlies and don't forget to smile. 💜



I have been thinking of making one since so many of you have treated me so nicely this holiday season. I am so thankful for the few gifts that have come in so I was wondering if I should show them off in a holiday video the week of Christmas. I also have a special Christmas themed photo that is more naughty for the gifters. I love you guys. Keep smiling and never hide who you are! ❤️


I've gotten a nice amount of message on my fb page about my wishlist for the holidays and I appreciate the gifts that have been coming in as well! I am loving them so much! 

I know Black Friday is creeping up fast along with Cyber Monday and you guys are so generous to want to gift me. You Grimlies are my rock. Truly amazing each and everyone of you. 

Lolita's Wish List-

Note :
Cosplays will be used for upcoming sets if purchased. 💋

If anyone deviant is interested in some new cosplay gear for some new sets I'm selling a few wigs and cosplays! I would love to see them in some new sets or even just you guys to enjoy for cons! All details below!


I'm selling some of my Cosplays and wigs for bigger and better Cosplays on the way! 
Just search - ⭐️ "fcos6392" ⭐️ In eBay to find everything that's listed in my store. I have watchers so grab what you want before it goes!

All Cosplays are a Female Small but the Attack on Titan pieces will fit a medium too.



~LZ xoxo



I'm selling some Cosplays to make room for new ones incoming! Just go to eBay and search for my under my user name -

⭐️ "Fcos6392" ⭐️

All Cosplays are a female size small except the Attack on Titan pieces, they will also fit a medium. They're all in perfect condition with not one defect. Hope they go to good homes or I see them in a new set!

Alright guys I wanted to inform you all  in a bit of my personal life outside of "LZ" and give you guys some updates.

I've decided that the ONLY con this year I will be at is Magfest in February. And maybe a pop up day for AnimeNext in AC NJ for the day since it'll be cheap. I've decided this because I was spending all my money on cons and my house, pups, cat, etc. with nothing extra to really go anywhere else or do much with friends. So I have planned places to go instead of Katsu and otakon this year since I have been to them many years. I'm not stopping cosplay so don't think that! I still have new Cosplays and sets coming your way!! 💜

I  thought hard about this because I do love cons but when I see my friends go camping or traveling around a bit it makes me sad that I've never left the tri state area always due to always putting cons first. If Deviants invites me to cons or you guys recommend ...

I'm selling a few on my page with all the links attached to each photo. I'm selling four complete Cosplays that are all a size small except Mikasa Ackerman, she will fit a medium as well! I hope to see these put to use on some of you lovely girls! 💜


Love you guys!!


~LX xoxo


Be there tomorrow night at 8PM EST! I'll be there! 💜💜💜


~LZ xoxo


Will any of you Grimlies be there!? I'll inly be there Thursday and Friday at booth #3155!! So come see me! Plus a new set coming next week after the con too! So two new sets for you guys!? Hell yes! 😻 Also I want to hopefully do a chat Friday after NYCC so I can catch up and see you guys! I missed you all so much. 💜

~LZ xoxo

New panties=

new sets. 💋💗 I'll be shooting a new set for you Grimlies tomorrow morning! As for everything else, otakon was great and so much fun! I will be at Monster Mania this weekend if anyone will be in the southern NJ area. 

Than I took a leap and am going back to college for the next two years to be an RN. That doesn't mean I'm going away. I'll still be shooting sets and be active on my accounts. I just would like to better my life a little more in doing so. After MM though I won't be at any cons until Katducon and Magfest. I have six BIG cosplays lined up and in progress as we speak so I will take the months in between for school and cosplays. And shooting new sets of course! I love you guys! Keep being awesome and don't forget to smile. 

~LZ xoxo