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long story short I went through a VERY big rough patch in life. I took down my sites except Instagram and Twitter for now to keep a straight head on my shoulders. Doesn't mean I stopped making Cosplays or anything! I wanted you Grimlies here to know that I'm doing better and things are looking up. I also got my very first car after finally buckling down! I've come a long way with you guys and it means the world that each and everyone of you have been so kind and loving to me. I just wanted you all to know that you're all amazing and I want you all to keep smiling. 💜


-Little Lita xoxo


ps. Don't worry! I have new sets on the way!

Hey ladies! I just wanted you guys to know that I have Cosplays that I'm selling and would love to see them be put to use since I know I won't be using them again. They are all in perfect condition! All details are with each item. I have wigs and boots to even go with some of them. I hope to see some used in upcoming deviant sets of purchased! Here's a link to my eBay store.

I'm truly excited for new Cosplays to be posted here in my next few sets! I've worked really hard in locations, costuming, and props to make sure everything is perfect! Once my classes are over in three weeks I'll be on deviants chat more to hangout because I'll have more free time to do so. Until then I want you all to stay amazing and keep being who you are because it's so important. I love you Grimlies!



~Little Lita xoxo

Joe and I have been killing it with sets! This will be the summer of new sets for you Grimlies! We've been working very hard to really make them come to life, so we hope that you all enjoy any the ones that get accepted! Also, will anyone be at AnimeNext or Otakon!? Let's hangout!! I love you guys, keep being amazing, and don't forget to smile! 💜

~LZ xoxo

New set!!

Are you Grimlies as pumped as I am for my next set!? By far my favorite thus far!! And it's get me more pumped for my  next sets!! I hope you guys love it!! 💜

Grimlies! I missed you poops on here!! I've been super busy with college, work, gym, and new shoots(cosplay and non cosplay) that I haven't had much time to be on here. Now that it's getting warmer with cons coming up, and new Cosplays to shoot for you guy distill be much more active! Are any of you going to AnimeNext or Otakon?? Those are my next two cons. 

Oh! And if any of you lovely ladies need cosplay hear I'm selling some things on my eBay for cheap to make room for bigger Cosplays coming in! Search my name ⭐️Fcos6392⭐️ In eBay. Everything's in perfect condition with ok details provided with each listing. 

I have my next cdshoot today to get my next sets rolling for you poops! I love you Grimlies! Have a beautiful day and don't forget to smile. 💜


~LZ xoxo

To all of you beautiful ladies and my CD Grimlies. I love you guys! I hope you all have a great day and new beginning to the new year!


I'm up next! I can't wait  for you guys to see my next few sets because my personal photographer and I have been killing it lately I am so excited to show them off! With that being said I'm also Selling cosplay items in my store! All details are with each item. All Cosplays come complete. Just search
     â­ï¸ fcos6392 ⭐️
In eBay to find everything listed.  I'd Love to see these Cosplays be put to use for potential sets from some of you hopefully in the future! Have a beautiful day Grimlies! Love you guys! 




I hope the holidays haven't been to rough on you Grimlies! I have some new Cosplays to shoot for you guys after the new year but I plan on being on chat either this or next week because I work Christmas Eve and day, sadly. But all of the gifts that have come in so far have been so lovely! For those whom wanted to gift me for my birthday(Jan. 19) I left my wishlist up in my bio for you guys. I'm exited for 2016 and hope to see some of you at "Magfest" in February! Happy Holidays Grimlies! 🎅🏻🎄🎁💋


~LZ xoxo

I hope your holiday has been an easy and good one so far! I'm excited to make this Christmas video that I'm planning for my YouTube a little after the new year because I'm still being asked for my wishlist. So I feel I give enough time for all the gifts to come in. If your gift will be arriving after Christmas don't fret!! Consider it my birthday gift! I'll be hitting the big 25 January 19th! Thanks so much for wanting to gift me and even just being here! I love you Grimlies so much! Have a beautiful day. ❤️


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~LZ xoxo