Lolita Zombie's Blog

Hey there Grimlies,

im sure that most of you have seen that my Facebook page was taken down. This past year was hell for me and even though I tried pushing through I hit a point where I was no longer happy, only pretending. With that being said I decided to be done with cosplay for a bit but not forever. I need to find my happiness and reconnect with friends because I distanced myself with trying to always produce more cosplay, work, and college. I drained myself to where cosplay became a job and I was no longer having fun. I left my Instagram up to stay somewhat connected to you guys and to come back to everyone when I pick cosplay back up again. This is just a much needed break and I hope that you understand. I love you Grimlies to pieces! Keep being amazing and don't forget to smile. 💜 

Ill be back in awhile.


~Lita Zombie