Lolita Zombie's Blog

Grimlies! I missed you poops on here!! I've been super busy with college, work, gym, and new shoots(cosplay and non cosplay) that I haven't had much time to be on here. Now that it's getting warmer with cons coming up, and new Cosplays to shoot for you guy distill be much more active! Are any of you going to AnimeNext or Otakon?? Those are my next two cons. 

Oh! And if any of you lovely ladies need cosplay hear I'm selling some things on my eBay for cheap to make room for bigger Cosplays coming in! Search my name ⭐️Fcos6392⭐️ In eBay. Everything's in perfect condition with ok details provided with each listing. 

I have my next cdshoot today to get my next sets rolling for you poops! I love you Grimlies! Have a beautiful day and don't forget to smile. 💜


~LZ xoxo