Alright guys I wanted to inform you all  in a bit of my personal life outside of "LZ" and give you guys some updates.

I've decided that the ONLY con this year I will be at is Magfest in February. And maybe a pop up day for AnimeNext in AC NJ for the day since it'll be cheap. I've decided this because I was spending all my money on cons and my house, pups, cat, etc. with nothing extra to really go anywhere else or do much with friends. So I have planned places to go instead of Katsu and otakon this year since I have been to them many years. I'm not stopping cosplay so don't think that! I still have new Cosplays and sets coming your way!! 💜

I  thought hard about this because I do love cons but when I see my friends go camping or traveling around a bit it makes me sad that I've never left the tri state area always due to always putting cons first. If Deviants invites me to cons or you guys recommend me for them I will forever thank them and love to go to new states and places to broaden my horizons and meet more of you Grimlies that I only get to talk to online. 

A big part of why I have decided this too is because my home life hasn't been great living with my ex, but manageable. I realized how tied down I made myself and I don't want to be that way anymore. Starting to explore life has been exciting. I took myself off all social media except my Instagram and Twitter so I can still talk to you guys and update photos. I still have my YouTube and LZ fan page on fb up but I'm staying away from them just to keep myself clear headed and away from the fb drama of my ex. I will return just will take me some time. I hope you guys understand. I love you Grimlies so much and I hope to see you guys at new cons in the future!! Keep an eye out for new sets too!! I have some coming your way. 💜


Keep your head up and always smile.

~LZ xoxo