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New panties=

new sets. 💋💗 I'll be shooting a new set for you Grimlies tomorrow morning! As for everything else, otakon was great and so much fun! I will be at Monster Mania this weekend if anyone will be in the southern NJ area. 

Than I took a leap and am going back to college for the next two years to be an RN. That doesn't mean I'm going away. I'll still be shooting sets and be active on my accounts. I just would like to better my life a little more in doing so. After MM though I won't be at any cons until Katducon and Magfest. I have six BIG cosplays lined up and in progress as we speak so I will take the months in between for school and cosplays. And shooting new sets of course! I love you guys! Keep being awesome and don't forget to smile. 

~LZ xoxo