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Means that I should stop in on my deviants family and say that I love you Babes! πŸ–€

Hey CosDev Grimlies! I've missed you guys so I had to check in to let you know that I've been working on more detailed cosplays to showcase here this spring! I just wanted to jump in and remind you guys that I love you all a ton. Don't forget to keep being amazing! 



I'm back!

And better then ever!!! πŸ’™ I've been knocking out armored cosplays and to make it better I'll be bringing them to you for this site. Wait until you guys see what I have in store for you!! And for those asking about my wishlist, yes it's still active. Thanks for loving me and get ready for what's to come! 

Lita' s wishlist:


Lita xoxo

All updated for Christmas Grimlies! And if your gift is coming after Christmas don't worry! My birthday is January 19th so consider it a birthday gift! Any cosplays purchased will be sets too! Thanks for treating me like a queen Grimlies! Have a beautiful day and don't forget to smile. πŸ’œ Lolita's Wish List:


LZ xoxo

We all know that the Holidays are approaching super fast! I've had some requests to update my wishlist and in deed I did! Anything purchased Cosplay wise will be used for upcoming sets for you Grimlies! Thanks for making me feel so special guys. I love you all to pieces, keep being so amazing. 


Wishlist ~


I joined my local radio stations "Hottest Cosplay Contest" in philly and tomorrow(nov. 9th) is the last day for votes! All you have to do is log in with you Facebook and vote for me! You'll see my real name "Farrah C." And I'm dressed as Sir Auron! It would be amazing if I won with your help Grimlies! 



thanks so much in advance and I'll come back Friday to let you know if I win!


~LZ xoxo

New set!

Was just accepted! So get ready Grimlies! And joe and I will have a new set sent in on top of that one soon! Until then if you like to help with any future cosplays for sets or even just a Christmas gift, I updated my wishlist. I love you Grimlies! Keep being amazing and don't forget to smile! πŸ’œ

Lolita's Wish List:


LZ xoxo

Get ready Grimlies! Joe and I are shooting a horror based set just for you guys this week. I hope you're ready! ❀️


~Little Lita 

Hey there Grimlies,

im sure that most of you have seen that my Facebook page was taken down. This past year was hell for me and even though I tried pushing through I hit a point where I was no longer happy, only pretending. With that being said I decided to be done with cosplay for a bit but not forever. I need to find my happiness and reconnect with friends because I distanced myself with trying to always produce more cosplay, work, and college. I drained myself to where cosplay became a job and I was no longer having fun. I left my Instagram up to stay somewhat connected to you guys and to come back to everyone when I pick cosplay back up again. This is just a much needed break and I hope that you understand. I love you Grimlies to pieces! Keep being amazing and don't forget to smile. πŸ’œ 

Ill be back in awhile.


~Lita Zombie


It's official that I'm hosting a small meet up to kick off Otakon, Thursday, August 11th at 6:30 at Pratt Ale House!  Be there and let's get some pictures together Grimlies! 


~Little LitaπŸ’œ