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New video!!

Hey there guys! It's been a long time waiting, but I finally shot a new video for you guys I can't wait to send it in!!

New set!!

I'm so lucky to be submitting a new set soon! I know that its been three years since my last set so I'm incredibly excited. I need an item for my next set, I will be forever grateful if anyone would help getting it! Just dm me. Love you guys, keep being amazing and don't forget to smile. 💕




Just dropping in to say that I hope everyone had an amazing christmas! I hope you got everything you wanted as well. 🎄

With that said, I will be shooting a new set for you guys for the new year. I'm very excited to show you guys and have a new potential set. I hope you all have a Happy New year. Keep being amazing guys. 

New set!!!

My long deviants hiatus is over! Back in the game with a new epic set coming your way Grimlies. My photographer Joe and I are back at it, so stay tuned for what we have in store! I hope you guys are as excited as I am. To see the extra behind the scenes of sets too you can see my patreon. 

Love you guys! Keep being amazing!!

Hey Grimlies! I know I've been very busy with life off deviants with con traveling and personal shooting but sit tight because I have new cosplays that I'll be shooting for deviants this fall!

Thank you for leaving me love and beautiful messages to come back too. I love you babes! I'll be back soon with more updates and sets just for you guys! Keep being beautiful and don't forget to smile. 💕

I've been working, going to college, shooting, camming, getting new sponsorships to add on top....I just need a quick bath break and say hi to my deviant Grimlies. Friday I will be jumping in your chat to say hi and catch up!

Also, tomorrow I will be do I g my first YouTube video in months. Stay tuned!! Keep being amazing and don't forget to smile. 


I've been back to shooting in between traveling to cons so I'll have new content here soon, hopefully! I know I haven't updated you guys like that I no longer go under Lolita Zombie on my content but I'll keep the name on pages I can't change it. Just needed something easier and fresh so everything is mainly under @FarrahStein_.  I love you my deviants family. Keep being amazing and I'll be in chat soon to catch up! 

Means that I should stop in on my deviants family and say that I love you Babes! 🖤

Hey CosDev Grimlies! I've missed you guys so I had to check in to let you know that I've been working on more detailed cosplays to showcase here this spring! I just wanted to jump in and remind you guys that I love you all a ton. Don't forget to keep being amazing! 



I'm back!

And better then ever!!! 💙 I've been knocking out armored cosplays and to make it better I'll be bringing them to you for this site. Wait until you guys see what I have in store for you!! And for those asking about my wishlist, yes it's still active. Thanks for loving me and get ready for what's to come! 

Lita' s wishlist:


Lita xoxo