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Submitted a new set tonight!!! AH! now to play the waiting game. I am super proud of this set. It has gotten me out of a funk and made me realize I'm actually pretty damn adorable when I want to be. Super excited to shoot some more sets after seeing this set. I hope you all get to see it too! AH!

well I guess we shall see.. for now though I have to get back to my group and beat some pirate lord ass! yay pathfinder.

Holidays are over and I finally am free to set up some shoots without fear of being called in to work. Now if my sleep schedule could get back to normal that would be nice. this love afair with 4am is kind of killing me. but apparently I'm highly funtional on 3 hours of sleep.

However, I will be shooting a new set this Sunday! Finally!! So be on the look out for new content from me. This is the first of 4 that I have to shoot. They've just been waiting for me. I know I've been saying I have something to shoot and it just never happens. Well it is Sunday. so long as there are no fatal accidents haha. *fingers crossed*

Well lovelies I am off to ship off something to a special someone. ^_^

Dead tired and so ready for this month to be over already. this is the most dreadful month in retail ever. Tonight is the launch of the PS4 and I am not ready for it. So we'll move on from that depressing subject.

I have a new set in the works. Just waiting for it to snow and stick. I could do it without the snow but what fun is that? So be on the lookout for that. I'm super excited for it.

I have some exciting new things planned and maybe a holiday set! So be on the look out!

yes, yes I do. haha anyone interested in seeing me be a dork talking to the camera? Here is where you can see me be a total dork and talk about my life and cosplay and the nerdy things I do. so ask me questions, give me topics to talk about.

Anyway now that's out of my sistem haha, Ivy and I are getting ready for Nan Desu Kan like we do every year. stress and panic have commenced since we leave in FIVE DAYS! BUT if any of you are attending NDK PLEASE come say hi. we love meeting all of you but sadly I have a grown up job so I can't attend as many cons as I would like. HOWEVER I'm hoping that changes.

ugh. now on to waiting while they replace my hot water heater..