Ladybug's Blog

I'm terrible about being active... I have been super busy this summer with all the things... omg... work and rodeo week (I feel the whole town shuts down for this) and concert security.. ugh.. and almost no money to show for it -_- bah... hard to make costumes when Im broke haha! (hard to shoot when I'm constantly doing something!) BUT I have a shoot planned for this afternoon! Hopefully you'll be seeing a pretty bird in fishnets soon. ;)

I've got some others I'm working on but locations are hard guys... ugh... especially when I'm trying to fit a certain character and be sneaky about it hahaha

Even with how busy I've been I've found time to continue my participation in Fishnet Friday (I know I'm terrible about posting those here too) at least I better keep up with it.. I kinda started that whole thing with Thaitan haha you can always check out our weekly game (and join in too!!) on Facebook.

Anyway.. time for me to gather my stuff and get ready for this shoot!! (I'm not exctited at all hahaha)