Ladybug's Blog

so my set was accepted. now we sit back and wait for it to go live. so excited for this one. i never sit editing photos and stop to say daaaamn i look good. but this set. i had to a few times haha. really excited for everyone to see it. i had posted a teaser on facebook but someone thought i was disrespecting myself and reported the post! gone. saaaaaad catbug is sad.

that is one thing i hate about people. 'oh shes naked on the internet or works for a porn site. she has no self respect.' .... -_- i do respect myself. i do not work for a 'porn site'. if anything working for CD and having this freedom... i respect myself more and can admit that hey, i am kinda pretty. before coming to CD i was very much living in a bubble with no self confidence and ashamed of my body. well fuck that. so glad im not that girl anymore. ok... i still dont think im super pretty or whatever but hey, thats ok.

but anyway.. after seeing this set i am totally on the 'do all the shoots!!!!' kick. i have 2 complete costumes ready to shoot once the snow goes away and a few more in the works! just.. funds haha. cosplay can be expensive and time consuming -_- but totally worth it. :)

anyway! back to work!