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Spooktober is here and I could not be more excited!! I'm hoping to get some shoots done soon to have something to submit but I got flaked on hardcore... I'm in need of a good and reliable photographer.

so in the mean time I'm just clowning around doing other things and working on cosplay!

Mostly, I just wanted to drop by and tell everyone I'm not dead! (yet)

It's been a while, hasn't it...

But I'm here! I'm still looking for a reliable photographer to shoot new content but I am working on things. A lot of it can be seen on my Patreon and I'm headed to Denver Pop Culture Con with Syth so hopefully we'll have some content if not for CD then at least Patreon. 

Summer is also being very elusive so outdoor shoots have been harder to do lately. I mean.. it freaking snowed this week.. wtf.

But next week I should have a better update for everyone!


As you can see by my new profile picture I have a new set coming out soon!! I do adore being Kofuku. Noragami is one of my favorite animes and I'm so glad I got to portray this character. She's so cute and I love her

I'll be shooting a couple things tomorrow. I think it'll be good for me. I've been feeling really down recently and going through my cosplays a few of them no longer fit so I put it off but now I'm feeling better about myself and finally decided to try on the Togepi dress I haven't worn since September. It still fits so I am super excited as you can see. Ignore the towel head haha I was just out of the shower. So you may just be seeing some better (and actual professional shots) of this gijinka Togepi!

So hopefully I'll have some behind the scenes shots from tomorrow! we shall see!

Been doing a lot of work on some new cosplays. Ivy, Gemini and I have some great plans for DCC in June. so many great things planned and hopefully some new sets!

I do post some progress shots on my instagram and my facebook so if you're wanting to keep up on progress be sure to follow!


I am back from con and seeing Miss Ivy! in 2 days we did 8 shoots and now I have to edit them! almost 20GB of photos!! oh. my. glob. We still didn't get to do all the shoots we wanted but we got a lot done.

As for now, I am sorting through and editing sets.... this... is going to take a while lol buuuuut.... who wants a quick sneaky peak??

I'm terrible about being active... I have been super busy this summer with all the things... omg... work and rodeo week (I feel the whole town shuts down for this) and concert security.. ugh.. and almost no money to show for it -_- bah... hard to make costumes when Im broke haha! (hard to shoot when I'm constantly doing something!) BUT I have a shoot planned for this afternoon! Hopefully you'll be seeing a pretty bird in fishnets soon. ;)

I've got some others I'm working on but locations are hard guys... ugh... especially when I'm trying to fit a certain character and be sneaky about it hahaha

Even with how busy I've been I've found time to continue my participation in Fishnet Friday (I know I'm terrible about posting those here too) at least I better keep up with it.. I kinda started that whole thing with Thaitan haha you can always check out our weekly game (and join in too!!) on Facebook.

Anyway.. time for me...

Another year

So today is my birthday. yay. another year. another year spent doing pretty much nothing. However my siter got me some new comics so I at least have the day to read those ^_^

Been working on some new cosplays and I might have found a more reliable photographer *gasp* so that's at least some good news haha

Anyway. time for birthday lunch with mum and more comics :)

So excite!

AH! That's me in the preview box! I am so in love with this set. I can't wait for you all to see it!!

in the meantime I have a new vlog yay vlog.... I'm so awkward on camera haha

so anyway! I'm off to go enjoy my holiday!

so my set was accepted. now we sit back and wait for it to go live. so excited for this one. i never sit editing photos and stop to say daaaamn i look good. but this set. i had to a few times haha. really excited for everyone to see it. i had posted a teaser on facebook but someone thought i was disrespecting myself and reported the post! gone. saaaaaad catbug is sad.

that is one thing i hate about people. 'oh shes naked on the internet or works for a porn site. she has no self respect.' .... -_- i do respect myself. i do not work for a 'porn site'. if anything working for CD and having this freedom... i respect myself more and can admit that hey, i am kinda pretty. before coming to CD i was very much living in a bubble with no self confidence and ashamed of my body. well fuck that. so glad im not that girl anymore. ok... i still dont think im super pretty or whatever but hey, thats ok.

but anyway.. after seeing this set i am totally on the 'do all the shoots!!!!' ki...