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Hello hello!!!

I'm freaking excited about heading to Dallas Fan Expo!! I'm bringing 4 cosplays total and debuting 2 new ones, well half debut anyway....LOL. I did shoot Mystique this morning with Sinfulsideofssd EEEKKK!!! I can hardly wait to see how that set comes out. We also shot some video, so fingers crossed we get to share that. If you'd like to follow me on my con adventure this weekend feel free to follow me on intsagram to catch some shenanigans. I'll be hanging with some fellow deviants at the booth on Saturday, so stop by and say hi!!!

Hello all!!! I have been really busy with building cosplays, school and life. Right now school has taken precedence, but my stress relief is always sewing and crafting. Austin weather has been so nasty lately that we had to postpone the Captain Planet shoot. Captain Planet was an interesting character in the 90's that I enjoyed as a kid, so it's only fitting I get the chance to portray him, haha. the sun came out and it was gorgeous!! Sheeanna and I went to a couple of great locations to express the importance of caring for our planet :-)!!! We will be submitting this set very soon, but in the meantime here is a behind the scenes shot, and remember....the POWER IS YOURS!!!!

What a great day it was!!! I got to shoot with Sinful Side of SSD this morning as Michonne from The Walking Dead!!😁 We are both super excited about this potential set since we are both Walking Dead fans. I'm looking forward to the mid season premier next month especially with what happened in that last sad episode. What are somethings you want to see happen at the end if this season to Rick and the group?

Finally!!!! I did a shoot this cold afternoon as the Sorceress from He-Man. Can't wait to sort through the 800 images we shot so they can be edited😁 in the is a behind the scenes shot. Enjoy

What a weekend!!!! I finally got to shoot with the beautiful Heathen and her gorgeous Wonder Woman and I really had fun bringing her enemy to life as Cheetah.  We had a bit of a hike to get to the location under the hot hot hot Texas sun, but we did it and we know you'll love the results if our set is accepted, fingers crossed. I was so exhausted from shooting Saturday, but that didn't stop me from my volunteer work the following day.  Sunday was free museum day and I brought out Mega Woman (Mega Man) to entertain museum goers, which was a lot of fun.  Now I'm thinking of doing a Mega Man set for CD, what do you guys think?




So many cosplays planned, so little time!!! This weekend I'm shooting a duo with Heathen.  We are doing Wonder Woman Vs. Cheetah!!!! Oh man I'm super excited about this one!!!!! I'll probably post a selfie of us on IG and/or FB. Also it looks like my Ivy set was accepted, so keep an eye out on when she debuts!!! Now it's off to class I go!!!

Yay!!!!! Thunderian is scheduled to be released this Saturday ( like a Saturday morning cartoon) and I can't be more excited.  Let me tell you the struggle of creating one of my favorite childhood characters.  Oh, that crazy one armed sleeve attached to the suit gave me the most problems, but after the 4th try I finally stitched it right, hahaha. The body paint took a bit, but what a fun and relaxing time I had while I was being painted. When we finally got out to location, the beautiful sun lit sky we thought we were going to have decided to open up and rain down...HARD!!!! THUNDER THUNDER THUNDER....LOL  My crew and I sat huddled under a nearby restroom until it stopped an hour later.  Finally we got to shoot and as you will see the rest of the day was beautiful.  So beautiful in fact that we stayed and played all day :-).  I hope everyone enjoys our new set HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO  ...